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Ebay has this car for sale out of St Louis. Will be heading past there this Friday and planning on taking a look. Does anyone know anything about this car? I thought PIM had this one for sale about a year ago. I thought I inspected it and it needed a lot of work. Can't be two many white on white with white roll cage group V's around. Any info would be appreciated.
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Yes this is the same car that PIM had a year ago.
It is THAT car that made me decide to sell my cars and buy a Pantera ( best move I ever did !!)As I was not able to look at the car I had to go on other people's word. Jerry at PI told me that this was NOT the car for me. At the time that did upset me, as the pics showed me it WAS !! Later on I was advised that underneath was not quite as pretty as the outside. So for that I must thank Jerry Smiler
To me it looks like it was bought , had all the cracks fixed ( unsure if quickly or properly) and then trying to sell to make a quick buck !!
Maybe I also wanted it because it had the number plate 700HP !!

Now I have my Black Baby and all is good !!
Good luck.
Originally posted by Indy Dave/4604:
I think this car was for sale by someone else a coupl of months ago. It was pictured in a back lot. The louvers are backwards and not open. The guy who listed it was upset with everyone calling about the hood.

I remember that car, and I am pretty sure that this is a different car.
I found my earlier thread and the VIn number is the same as the car at PIM. hey what's wth those guys? I called them a year ago stating I was coming out to view the car. I called the day before I arrived and when I got there they had it so buried that I couldn't even pop the doors, trunk, or lid. it seemed that they were bothered that I even showed up. They left a sour taste in my mouth. Now I call them a year later after 4 attmepts I finally got a body who seemed to perturbed that I was calling to bother him. They never returned any of my earlier calls. When I asked about the car, all I could get was that they did have it. No selling price, price range, or specs on the car. NOTHING! ZERO! Great help these guys are. NOT! Why are they still in business? Well at least I confirmed that both cars are in deed the same VIN. So they did some fiberglass repairs and corrected the crack in the flairs, alighd the head light better, and repair the front spoiler. They resprayed the car. I believe that was to cover their repairs. Not a great respray but better than what it was. But is it worth thir $56k asking price? Again anyone from Soutern Calif. who might remember this car? Any details would be appreciated since neither delaers will provide any spec on the car. Thoughts? Comments?
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