Pantera #6018 - 1974 Pantera L

I found & purchased this beautiful silver L model Pantera at Mayberry Lincoln Mercury in May/June of 2004.

My youngest child, Adam, graduated high school, and dad finally bought the car he had waited
30 years to own.

6018 is an early 1974 L model (5900 was the first), assembled in July 1973.
It was originally sold in California, re-documented as a 1973 model, as all 1974 Panteras sold in California were.
The car's registration reads 1973/1974 De Tomaso Pantera. Laugh.


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Cool George! I didn't realize that was your car in the video of the silver '73 starting and idling at Mayberry Lincoln Mercury. I've had it linked from my website (1/2 way down the page) since they offered that car was for sale in 2004:

Great looking car! Now add some pics at the same angles with the current wheels and tires (I think you have different wheels now, IIRC).

6018 was driven 1/2 of 2004, all of 2005 and all of 2006 with very little maintenance and no
major repairs or refurbishment. Just lots of miles.

The 1974 Panteras were definitely the most mechanically and electrically reliable versions sold by
Lincoln Mercury. But I have never liked the L bumpers. In the spring of 2005 the front bumper was
replaced by a set of mini bumpers from Amerisport. While I was at it, I installed Kirk's mini spoiler
just for grins. Afterwards there was too much black up front, so I repainted the grill to match the body.


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The last change was performed this past spring, when I added new wheels and tires. I also
removed the rear L bumper.

Wheels - 18" x 9" HRE model 898R, 25 mm off-set
Tires - 245/35ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

Wheels - 20" x 12" HRE model 898R, 12 mm off-set
Tires - 325/25ZR20 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2


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On its maiden voyage with the new wheels & tires, the 33 year old cooling system of 6018 finally gave up, in a spectacular way. It sits on jacks waiting for me to find time to install a new cooling system which I have waiting for installation.

When done, 6018 will emerge from its shrine with a new cooling system, Torino sport mirrors, Group 4 tail lights and a GTS exhaust system (with the exhaust tips pointed upward so it looks right with the rear bumper removed). The Torino sport mirrors are period correct, but look & function better than the usual Cougar sport mirrors such as those in these pictures.

William, with the exception of a Momo steering wheel, the interior is mostly stock. I have a pair of Momo seats and a bulkhead reduction kit that will be insatalled in the future. No other interior modifications are planned, I just want it to be comfortable to drive long distances.

The engine bay is dirty and even a bit greasy. The only visible engine mod is the Ford Motorsport air cleaner. The rear wheels housings are still coated with the factory under-coating ... and I don't plan to change them.

My hot rodder side wanted to run dual Holley #6214 Dominators on an individual runner induction for bad ass looks. I owned this induction system for a long time with the hope to someday install it on my Pantera (see below). I didn't realize until I purchased my Pantera that this would require cutting a notch in the rear deck lid. Since I could not do that, I eventually sold the induction system.

If I decide I need an induction system that looks wilder than stock, I have a Holley strip dominator intake manifold on the shelf, along with a bitchen set of Ansen valve covers that would really dress-up the engine. I also have some chrome plated Ford Motorsport stuff. But for now, externally stock-looking is cool.


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Hi George, just saw the pics of your car. Really nice. One of the first cars I saw at Gary Hall's was silver and I really think it is the best overall colors. I bought one of the first 4 sets of Kirk's new mini bumpers too. Your install looks perfect. Any tips would be much appreciated. Crank and rods finally arrived. Still waiting on pistons. Happy New Year.
Dave Ferrato
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