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I truly hope this isn't the same 'narrow body GTS' that was also red, also in NJ. (Tried to search, unsuccessful.)

It was on ebay, purchased by a non member who joined, instantly put it for sale, NEVER posted photos, rarely if ever responded to inquiries.

That's been over a year ago, but this car looks very nice. As far as the 'facts' of its build and description, I'll let others take over.
Sounds like one part hyperbole and one part nice car. I think that there is at least one other 1987 GTS (it is either 1987 or 1989 - can't find my info right now...) but there aren't very many.

#9483 was in fact owned by Charlie Seabrook. How special is the car? Good question. I have spoken first-hand to people who have paid extra for "special" motors from deTomaso who received bone-stock Windsor truck motors, and also spoken first hand to people who have ordered the "Group 3" engine option who said that it was a completely different animal and was amazing. So it is at least possible.

Sounds like a nice car, but I'd take part of the description with a grain of salt and just be happy I had a rare car in good condition.
This indeed looks like the Seabrook car. I have inspected this car first hand and drove it in 2003 when I was looking for a car. The car drove well, but the engine probably needed new valve seals at the time. The transmission was very good.

I did not buy the car because being a later car I don't think it would have passed emissions with the motor I eventually built and put into the 1973 GTS I did end up buying. The engine bay was incredibly dirty when I inspected the car. I know that at that time the car had sat for sale for many years at Ramsey Peugot, in Ramsey NJ.

The interior showed a fair amount of wear and was thread bare in several spots. The passenger seat and drivers seat were covered with similar upholstery but were different designs. There were multiple loose wires hanging from spots in the dash. Also the wood facia on the dash was pretty badly cracked when I drove the car.

The car was eventually sold to a local body shop worker who had always lusted after a Pantera. At that time it sold for around $22,000. This was around 2004. He discovered a bucnh of small electrical issues which i believe were fixed. He may have also replaced the headers as they were leaking from some cracks. He brought it to some local shows but eventually he sold it. He said he was going to open up a paint shop with the money from the sale. That deal fell through and he lost most of his money. I also don't think his wife liked the car very much.

He sold the car to another individual who is in all likliehood the same individual selling it now. (He also got seller's regret and tried to buy the car back but the new owner tried to mark up the car another $15K, looking to sell it very soon after buying it and apparently cleaning it up.)

It looks like the current owner has cleaned up the car quite a bit. The transmission looks painted or bead blasted, which was not how it was when I looked at the car. Back then it was filthy. The intake manifold looks cleaned up as well, so I think that the new owner spent a considerable amount of time making the car better cosmetically.

The car is certainly only one of 2 or 3 made in 1987 as a narrow body car as DeTomaso was making 5S's at that time. But I think as it has been said before a customer could order just about any combination of body styles, wings, interior, etc to suit there tastes. I have spoken with Charlie Seabrook several times about this car and he confirms that it was a very strong running car when he had it and he expressed some regret for having gotten rid of, for of all things a BMW I believe.
Great info! Here's the link/description I was referring to earlier,

Just pulled up those photos from the 'other' site referenced. "Cleaned up" is an understatement! No wonder he rarely shared photos. Maybe others can post the "before" photos here as needed.

Also noted in the link, but NOT in the ebay ad that I could find is this little tidbit: "92,000km".
Interesting car, as for the truth of the statements about the motor, well I worked there summer of 1987, and this vin is not one of the ones that I worked on. It does look like it has the seats from Maserati, which were popular that year. I must have gone over to the other factory 3 times that summer to pick up the different sets of seats. They were taking them out of Biturbo S's that were completed, and "re-skining them."

As for the motors, that year, they were getting many of the motors from Australia. The only "unsual" motor that I ever saw was the one that went into an Armored Deauville. It was so heavy, that the motor and brakes had to be "upgraded" to meet the regulations. I can not recall who it was made for, someone in the Italian Parliment.
Wellis .... would you be soo kind to try to remember if this car below jogs your memory ? 9138 it is a 1979 GTS it is a EURO car sent to the USA in 1985. I'm the 3rd owner.

I;m with ya D&D .. if Wellis has this wealth of information it would be great.

As for the car forsale ... I know the car personally and as I see it she cleaned up nice. I would chaneg the tires and bumpers ...just my 2 cents.



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I can confirm this is the Charlie Seabrook car (ZDT8000GGA009483). On October 29, 2006, I spoke with Frank, the owner at the time. He told me Charlie Seabrook had to go through a dealer in Australia when he had the car custom built because De Tomaso would not export directly to the USA.

The car has a Clevor (Windsor block with Cleveland heads). Larry Stock told me this was the first Pantera with a Windsor motor, but I'm not sure how he knew this.
I remember seing this car in Ramsey, NJ, and thensome time later at a all Fords show at Route 23 Automall in Butler, NJ.

The car was in sad shape needing paint work, interior work. The engine bay didn't look like it does now.

who ever cleaned up this car did a great job, but I question the verbage of the ad, leading someone to believe this is a super example of an original???

Just my 2 cents

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