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Hey Ron,

In Feb. of 1979 I took the Bondurant 5 day school at Sears Pt. I recall the introduction where Bob took every student twice around the track in one of the Z-cars. The first lap was taking every corner wrong and the second lap taking every corner correctly. Needless to say .. the first lap had a high pucker factor.

Perhaps you remember a friend of mine that I think helped on that Daytona 24 Hour effort .. Ted Viviani. Thsnks for the video .. aahh memories.
I'm sure that our racer was in this Bondurant garage/cow barn (now demolished) during your Feb. '79 5-day course (that I probably taught) because we raced it again in a very wet 3 hour Sears Point enduro in '79, where we placed 2nd by a 1/2 lap/whisker.
I do recall Ted was a team member, and ironically the photo below has his name on the car!
Also kind of ironic is that the '78 Daytona 24hrs was 40 years ago..........Today!.......aahh the memories indeed.
Established at Orange County raceway in 1968, this Feb. 14th marks the 50th anniversary of the Boudurant Racing School.....Go Bob!!!!!


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In the 1978 26th running of the Sebring 12 hrs, this Kleinpeter/Stevens Pantera GT5 #1603 qualified 11th and started, but suffered "engine failure" after only 17 laps, placing 67th OA and 20th in GTX.
Also qualifying (64th) that year was the Lenzinger/Vanderwerff Pantera #2846, which also started and then finished only 58 laps when "mechanical issues" placed it 56th OA and 14th in GTO.


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Originally posted by Joules:
Going by the Beverol sponsorship everywhere, European Escort, Datsun 510's & Z I'm going to guess at Zaandvoort, Touring Car Races sometime mid 70's.

Do you have the answer or wanting to know?

I think also it's Zandvoort this curve is called Hugenholzcurve.
The Beverol sponsor was a small oil lubricant company located into Beverwijk close by Zandvoort .
Looking on the Pantera , possible it is a real factory Gr4.

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