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there is a guy local to me who has a 93 ford lighting block with cleveland 2 valve heads with larger valves said it should make around 550 hp it has been balanced & blue printed he said it will run on pump gas 700 holley i heard it run he has it set up on a stand he used to build motors for oval car racing wants $6500 what do you think?
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I can throw out some thoughts for you.

A professionally built motor making 550 bhp, having low mileage, that passes a compression or leak down test, that can be run before purchase, that has a dyno slip to prove the sellers claims, is worth $6500. That might even be a bargain. It depends upon the components used & who built it.

You can purchase new crate engines from Ford & others, making comparable power, for comparable money. Check out the crate engines before you get serious about this one.

The engine is obviously a Clevor, i.e. Cleveland heads on a Windsor block. Adapting it to a Pantera requires additional expense in headers, accessory drive brackets, considerations like that. I don't know if Cleveland headers for the Pantera will work on the Clevor motor without interference problems, the Windsor block's deck height is 3/10" higher. I'm not aware of off the shelf headers for a Clevor in a Pantera either. With Windsor heads, yes, there are off the shelf headers.

If it was built in someones garage, not by an engine builder, knock the price in half. The price goes down as the miles go up too. NO dyno slip, then it isn't a 550 bhp motor, its just a motor. "Should make" doesn't cut it.

Without seeing the motor for myself, I really can't answer your question yes or no.

your friend on the PIBB, George
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