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Thanks, why did it need machining ? was it too tall. Do you need to cut the rear hatch to fit it ?
i have been offered the weiand ram with 2 holley 570 avengers all brand new . and i think when all polished up it will look quite nice Smiler
Driveability .... well it is a 4v so it never had low down torque to start with !!
...Yes, you have to cut the decklid, just a little! No, it was not too tall, it Will fit under the roof, but not under any Engine cover. I took off the top adaptor and Machined/Ccontoured the Top Runners of the Manifold Bottom, and Machined Plates, to lower the Carbs 2.0"; This lowers the PowerBand from 3500-10,000 Rpm, Down to 1000-8000 rpm. This set-up Idles Perfectly at 1000. Also the Closer the Carb 'Butterflies' are placed to the source of the Vacuum (the Intake Valves) The Greater the Throttle Response! Don't talk to Me about this 'Big Valve/Big Port', Low Rpm 'Lag' Crap!!! Because I'am NOT Hearing it!!. If anyBody wants to Believe that this 'Rig' Doesn't Move; That is Your Privilage!...



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