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That is my Pantera that is listed. Christopher is my business partner and friend, and since he just sold his Audi S5-6spd, I guess he put my car, since we always take it. I have had it at Buttonwillow 4 or 5 times over the past few years. This year, however, we will not be taking it as it's getting fuel injection right now, and I am taking my (new to me) 5.0L Jaguar XKR coupe. Besides, Christopher bought a brand new Viper GTS a few nights ago, so we'll be swapping rides in that. The XKR is a refined beast, with supercharger pulley and tune, up around 615hp, and quite a bit easier to muscle around the track than the Pantera. I'm gettin' old.


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Hello tberg; What size are the tire & rim combination of your Detomaso Pantera?...the rear rim appears HUGE.
I've tracked both at Sears Point ( Now just Sears Point as there is no sponsor) & Laguna Seca, MUCH PREFER Laguna Seca.
Difficult to beat the enjoyment of experiencing the "Cork Screw" at speed!!!.
Also, Do you have a dropped floor pan in the Pantera to be able to wear a driver's helmet?...Mark
You're gonna love the XKR. Traded mine in this summer on an Aston Martin Vantage. The Jag definitely does some things better than the Aston and vice versa.
Both are way easier to drive than my Pantera, but if I had to sell everything the Pantera would go last.

Have fun,

71 Pantera Gt5 Clone
Aston Martin Vantage
Porsche Turbo
Ferrari 360 Spider
BMW 325Ci
Formerly 09 XKR
They are 17" rims. When I first bought the car 8-10 years ago, I replaced original brakes with upgraded and upsized rotors and calipers (Wilwood) which necessitated going to 17" rims. I haven't been to Sears Point or Laguna Seca yet, but maybe soon. I have had it at Spring Mountain, in Nevada and it felt like someone had beaten me up at the end of the day. Lots of very,very sharp turns, not exactly the Pantera's forte. Also, I don't have dropped floor pans, I have my head at a 45 degree angle with the helmet on as all of the pictures have shown. It would be hilarious, since I can't see the tach or the speedometer with my head tilted, if it weren't for the fact that at the end of the weekend I always have a stiff neck for a couple of weeks afterwards.

I have had a 2002 XKR convertible for years and just love the looks and the grand feeling. The 5.0L 2010 XKR coupe is a much different animal. First of all, the paddle shifters should come with a warning, "Very Addictive!" Secondly, it's explosively quick, especially with a gas pedal that delivers that power a little too early. My friend borrowed the XKR a couple of weeks ago to race it at Willow Springs and had a blast. He's a much more aggressive driver and goes many more times per year than I do. Buttonwillow will be a good place to get used to the XKR on the track as it's not terribly technical and therefore much more forgiving. And unlike Sonoma there are no concrete barriers staring you in the face should you run off the track!

And by the way, I think the Aston Vantage is one of the most beautiful auto designs ever made unlike the rest of the Aston Martin line which looks like beached whales. Have you driven the 5.0L XKR? It is a much different car than the 4.2L 07-09. Besides the huge bump in horsepower, stiffer suspension settings, bigger brakes, tighter steering...and the dynamic mode is somethin' else. It will be interesting to see the F-type coupe R-S with 4 wheel drive next year with about 600hp distributed to 4 wheels. It should finally catapult Jaguar into Porsche 911-Audi R-8, Ferrari territory.

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