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That is totally unacceptable! Make them pay! (They really have no choice.)

Get an estimate from a shop who knows Panteras BEFORE their insurance adjuster comes. He probably won't know how to accurately adjust your claim, and won't offer you what you deserve. Having an estimate beforehand will speed up the process.

I'm sorry to see it, but you may wind up with a few extra bucks to put towards your resto. Good luck!

What happened to your car can be typical of transportation companies. At PI Motorsports, we only use Horseless Carriage and Passport Transport. Some of our customers have insisted on using brand x carriers or a carrier that offers a cheaper price. It is almost predictable what will happen. Also, avoid open transport and insist on enclosed. The last open transport we had resulted in a broken windshield. Make sure that the trip your Pantera is taking is a direct route. Some carriers will drop your car off along the way, like a bus transfer, and let another carrier finish the job. The problem we have seen when this happens is that an ignorant driver will tie the car down by wrapping the suspension parts improperly. In the ensuing travel, suspension parts will get bent or worse, so be sure to inspect the underside of your car when it arrives. The bottom line: don't cut corners on shipping, pay a little extra to have the best possible service. Dave Frowner
Is that bumper a fiberglass unit ?

Stock ones mount differently, using 2 large
tube-in-a-tube mounts that *should* act like a "use once" shock. I would suggest getting the help of one or more Pantera people to VERY closely inspect your front end for un-seen damage, before the carrier's insurance adjuster comes for a visit. You can they educate the guy about the harder to see damage. Otherwise the guy may ~intentionally miss some damage.

Post some more images if you get the chance.
Good Luck.

couple questions guys. What 351C is in this car. I see a little tag with a 5 digit # on the left engine compartment and it matches back of engine. But which model 1973 is it. is it 4 bolt main, steel crank and so on from the factory? Alsothis car seems very solid no rust. Kinda looks like it sat for years. How could I find the histiry of this car. The car was titled in a womens name so I guess i could call her at some point when all the fun I have been having calms down.
Either or will have insurance, should be a state law. You had insurance, right ?

Somebody has to pay and it's already showing bad faith potential from both, which I'm sure the State Insurance Board would be interested in hearing about.

File a claim on your policy, it's a no fault claim and shouldn't hurt your rates, and let them worry about collecting from the others.
Both shipping co's have insurance. I had none since the car was not registered and shipped right from a dealer. They will pay. Its normal for everybody to baulk at first. But maybe they will split the liabilty or the local guys who did the damage will pay. The insurnace co's cannot reject this claim. I have the insured insurnace co they are local to me. My attorney is licking his chops.
these days I'm not even mentioning this to my insurance co. My rates in my business in NY have doubled each year and I make no claims. But as you say contact the state Ins board. I did that once and they took my controller out in hand cuffs. He and his insurnace friend tried to scam me and I caught them. Bye Bye for a long time. I think insurance fraud you go away longer then killing someone. I asked the towing co for a signed statement that the delivered the car with no damage. Once I have that bye bye for a long time. I have pictures of the car coming off the tow truck damaged.
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