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I just got these pics from Pat and thought everyone would want to see them?

The primaries are 2". The assembly is stainless.
The "S" tube is what he recommends for 500hp engines (or more).

They are 3" at the header flange and reduce down to 2-1/2". In reality they are acting as a "collector", or extending the minimal collector that the headers have.

That fits to the "old" Ford recommendation of using a 3 to 3-1/2" collector about 6" long for racing purposes.

He said that the engine he dynoed these on went from 497hp to something like 597 with adding the collector.

The "issue", if you can call it that, is that you need better mufflers then the ANSA's so these headers are most effective with using his "twin packs".

So the headers are $1,500 bare, plus $250 to ceramic coat them and I don't know how much for the muffler/exhaust pipes? I forgot to ask.

Bottom line, you need to weld on your stock exhaust pipes to mate them to the headers WITHOUT the "S" tube and you can't use the "s" tube collector with the ANSA's at all.

He feels confident that you can have these coated before installing them in that you won't need to use a hammer on them anywhere to clear unexpected obstacles.

I love the "S" tube "collector". It's very clever.


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Originally posted by tajon:
Pat does great work.

He surely does but there is just no way under chassis headers can solve all of the issues, or take full advantage of the better exhaust castings in the heads. There is not enough room to do so.

There are a number of issues with them, even these and they simply can not take advantage of the flow improvements the newer "high port" exhausts provide.

How much power are they giving away? Who knows for sure and you aren't going to read about that in HOT ROD magazine.

It would seem though that the S transition pipe goes a ways to helping?

There really is no easy solution. I guess that you just have to be happy with only 600hp with his exhaust? Big Grin

Certainly he has thought about that and engineered in a big improvement over other designs? I say, great job all around.

His craftsmanship borders on jewelry if you ask me?
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I'm confused on the S collector. What is it actually? Don't see anything unusual or different in the pictures. Current style merge collectors have a different blending tube transition inside the housing from the old school all 4 welded together tapered into a 3 or 2.5 flange area. What am I missing here? Need some education clarity please.

The only thing I have dynoed that made a noticeable improvement were 180s which made 28 more horses on the test engine. Don't remember the % increase.

Please don't take this as confrontational, just research curiosity.
Kirk, I don't know IF it does exactly what Pat claims but I called him about pricing his headers and he explained that he had the S collector.

In this day of seemingly everyone with a dyno chassis in the garage, people want to see documentation on all of these claims.

I certainly am no exception.

My only thought is that if we go back to the days of the 351C being run in things like Super Stock, FORD had a recommendation on header tube diameters, tube lengths, collector type, diameter and lengths.

I should add, that as far as I understand all of this interaction of variables in the head, cam and exhaust, what works on a Pro Stock is not necessarily going to have much effect if you are not using the same cam, heads, headers, etc.

For instance, if you have heads that flow 330 at .630" lift, if you have a cam that only has .550 lift, you aren't going to make the same power. The headers as well. Some of these mods are for maximum flow at maximum rpm and won't show necessarily on just a "street engine".

As I recall, my discussion with Pat mentioned all of that, he acknowledged that and I suppose used the FORD recommendation to "justify" his collector design?

As far as proving all of these claims on a dyno, don't go by me. My suggestion to you would be to call Pat himself and ask him about the data that he has on all of this.

If nothing else, the way the S starts as 3" and funnels down to 2-1/2" is going to catch everyone's eye.

Kind of like 'Grumpy Jenkins' pulling out the dipstick, holding it up to the sunlight, examining intensely what he sees, then watching everyone else do the same thing in 'copy cat' fashion? Big Grin

The person to ask is Pat. Call him. He knows who you are. Smiler
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