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Hi all,

Sorry, been off-line for a while. And, I'll probably be off-line for the next couple of weeks as well. Stephen - I didn't get your e-mail until I got back, so I didn't have your cellphone number. This work thing is really interfering with my Pantera stuff!!!

If you have a high speed connection and would like to see the billions photos I have taken, you may go to the following links:

Be warned - the first file is almost 250MB, so it will take an hour or more to download even with a high speed connection.

You want photos? You got photos!!!
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Fantastic pictures. I very much enjoyed them. Thank-you for the post. It was particularly enjoyable to see the DeTomasos, Ford GT-40s, Cobra (with the leather helmets) and Ford Capri Mk I RSR.

The Ford Capri Mk 1 built in Köln, Deutschland was the first new car I purchased. It had quite the racing success against BMW 3.0 CSi at the time. When I purchased the car, it was sitting beside a beautiful yellow DeT Pantera in the concessionaires' showroom.

Once again thanks for the pictures and the memories they made me recall.

Hi Charlie,
No probs we are all busy I guess. I was very lucky to be able to attend both events. I will be at the 24 next year. I arrived for the Classic on the tuesday but on friday nite my car refused to start as we were leaving for the circuit. Anyway to cut a long story short, the coil burnt out so I had no car for the weekend. and on Monday I discovered I could not get one anywhere in France in less than four days, As I was leaving on Tuesday I had to leave the pantera there, and have it recovered, it arrives here in Ireland in a few days.Had a good time all the same, just didnt get to the circuit as much as I wanted to
BTW the link to your pictures has expired, can you repost them?
My pix and Bjorns are both on the Swedish site. You can either go to their website, go to the PHOTOS section, or you can set your browser to download the monster zipped file and then go through them yourself.

Titles are pretty self-explanatory. These are monster files - 250MB, 300MB, etc. But if you've got a fast connection you can download the files while you get yourself a beer and have them all.

If you've downloaded my pix, then I would recommend downloading Bjorn's as well. He took some good pictures....
Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the photos - almost as good as being there personally (maybe in 08...).

What was the reaction to the Pantera's racing and how did they perform on the day? I guess Patrick's GT4 (2342) must have garnered a lot of attention with its blue orange and yellow livery.


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