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Guys let me tell you this is a buy. I restored this car in my garage at home 10 years ago and then the new owner did even more 3 years ago. Every nut and bolt is polished or new. I spent 2 years doing it the first time around.Stripped to bear metal and all. This is the car to buy if youre looking to buy..Just wanted to put my 2 words in.thanks, mike mayberry.....
Originally posted by BOXXBOYS:
Car is SOLD.

Adams, you have always had very nice things to say about my Pantera and for that I thank you. So Adams what do I do with the Konis?

Mike, A big thanks to you for $ .02!

Dave (BMW & MBZ...)

Well great for you AND for the buyer. Hope he/she knows the quality they got AND will join PI for maximum value extraction.

Such a fine piece, hope you're pleased. Did you say you're getting (or already got) a Porsche of some type?

Anyway, about those Konis, my 'old school' tastes have shifted. I could probably learn to love 'em, but looking at aluminum versions now.

Congratulations again. A great car that deserves another appreciative owner.
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