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Hello, my name is Michael from Germany.I am glad that I found this forum.
I'm new to this forum. I bought a Pantera GT5 S. The car is unrestored and in good condition, no rust. There was only one owner. He is 10500 km driven.

The owner has installed a different engine in 2002. The original engine I've got. The car also has a KW suspension. All other parts are original.
In the file you can see the engine configuration.

Now my question to the experts:

How high is the max. rpm.
Can you see what camshaft is installed.
What ignition time should be set at 95 octane.

I asked Probe but received no response.

A Pantera has a fantastic design and very clear technique.

Greetings from Germany to all Pantera friends


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Greetings Michael,

You have it appears to be a Windsor block, .030" overstandard size on the Bores for the pistons and a 10 to 1 compression ratio. I would do a search on those part numbers or better yet talk to the engine builder and see if he remembers.
I run 13*advance on my cleveland with 92 octane gas and have run 16* advance with octane booster and runs really well.

Interesting that in the build sheet they state that it's a 427, yet, the bore is listed at 4.030 inch and the stroke of the crank at 4.1 inches. For 427 cui. with a 4.030 bore, you need a 4.17 inch stroke crank.

I have a 427 with very similar components to yours, except a 4.17 crank. I run 14 degree initial advance, 34 fully advanced. The limiter is set at 5800 rpm.

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