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If your a/c system is charged, don't forget to unbolt the compressor and set it aside.

Remember to disconnect the speedo cable at the trans also or it will make itself visibly obvious if you forget.

It is easier to remove the engine and trans as one unit. You can remove the trans first but you have to jack up the motor under the oil pan enough so the trans clears the rear mounts. Use blocks to protect the oil pan or you will dent it enough that the windage tray will catch one of the bottom bolts on the rod (don't ask me how I know). Unbolt the a/c condenser assembly and move it aside so you have enough clearance to pull back to clear the pilot. The procedure for removing the trans is described in the Pantera Service Manual.

Don't be a hermit, have fun and make it an engine pulling party. You can't see everything that's moving when you are pulling the motor by yourself unless you do it really really slow. Plus, you will need some muscle to clear the rear of the car.

BTW, make sure you put a block or something to protect the rear of the car in case the cherry picker tries to butt up against the rear of the body.
I have pulled probably 20+ engines out of Panteras. I have done it both ways. I find it much easier and faster (especially when I'm by myself) to pull them seperately. I set up one of the adjustable "engine tilters" with brackets that attach to the ZF and use the cherry picker to lift the trans. If you remove the rear trans mounts the trans comes out VERY easily. The engine is MUCH easier to remove without the trans attached.
Another thing not to forget is the bracket on the bottom of the ZF that holds up the parking brake cables.

Remenber Friends will help you move an engine..
Good friends will help you move a body.. roll on floor
Pulled my engine trans all at one time.
3 guys, about 5 hours, 2 pizza's,1 case soda, 2 cases beer (afterwards)
BTW after the engine is out it might be a good time to check the fuel tank for inside rust and pin holes. In Florida a few years ago, it was about $185 to boil out the tank, fix some pin holes, and cream it, at the radiator shop.
Rust in the tank is was why my engine came out.
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