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I'm in the process of having my recently purchased 1988 GT5-S restored. When it is finished I'd like to get a top of the line radar detector for obvious reasons. I've been told that todays policeman are now mostly equipped with newer technology laser guns that radar detectors cannot generally detect. So I need to find a radar detector that is also a laser jammer. A radar detector that is also equipped with a laser jammer apparently actually scrambles the signal so the policeman cannot get a reading on his laser gun on his first attempt. The laser jammer detects someone has locked on to your car and sends a high pitched beep, alerting the driver that the police have a laser gun on you. The driver has time to slow down before the cop tries his laser gun again. On the second attempt by the policeman, he will get an accurate reading of your mph. But by then you will have had enough time to slow down and avoid a ticket. Here in California where I live radar detectors are legal, but laser jammers are illegal. The companies selling these devices skirt that problem by calling their products a "Laser Shifter", essentially the same thing as a laser jammer.

Anyone of you guys have an opinion which radar detector/laser jammer is best?
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..."Time to Slow Down"?? LOL. You really think that device is going to Save you from Jail, when a Cop Visually SEES you drive past his position doing 140+ MPH??!
Break The Law, Pay The Price!!
Save your Money for the FINE and BailBond!
AND Know that Your Pantera WILL be Impounded and Probably Auctioned Off!
Where else do you think they get all those cars for the 'Sheriffs' Auctions'? Not just at Drug Busts! They're Gonna Love your GT5-S!!
Your Move, Good-Luck!...
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I was at SEMA a few years ago and the Blinder brand had a booth there. Although currently ranked behind the Laser Interceptor brand it was still impressive.

Very small and easy to hide, they work by acting like a laser version of a strobe light sending multiple beams back causing erratic readings. Best used with multiple transceivers for front,rear, and side coverage.

The only reason it is illegal is because you have an advantage in the cat and mouse game.
I have a Blinder on each of my vehicles. I've talked to the people at the Laser Interceptor booth at SEMA last year, who were touting theirs as being better than Blinder, but I haven't researched their product to verify.
As for detectors, the Passport 9500i and Valentine One are the top two, in my opinion, with my preference being the 9500i.
I don't know of a detector that also incorporates a jammer but I've heard that Passport makes one.
On Oahu, laser guns exclusively for speed enforcement so I can get away with just using a Blinder. It detects and notifies you as it shifts Smilerthe incoming laser signal. You definitely need a multi-band detector in other areas to monitor other speed enforcement equipment. Because laser is instant on, there is no way to detect it in time to react unless your detector pics up a laser signal from the car ahead of you that is being checked. Blinder is an excellent counter-measure against laser.
The police will know by how the laser reacts if you likely have a blinder/jammer activated. If the blinder is illegal in your City/State, they have probable cause to stop you and either gain your permission to search for the "contraband device" If you refuse, they have the power to impound your car until they can obtain a warrant to search for it. I believe our Canadian brothers had a thread on this board regarding this.

Here it is:
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