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...Thermodynamics Dictate: HOT into the TOP...Cool Out Through the Bottom! That's The way I Did It!! And it gave 190F on the Veglia in the Desert at 90 MPH...180F RS Thermostat (and restrictor plate). Outside Temp was 118F!

Many, MANY here will Disagree!! Now let 'Them' Dispute That!


P.S. if you research, ALL Cars Foreign and Domestic, Do IT This Way! You will Find the Pantera is the ONLY Car that has it Reversed, Period!!

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I thought this drawing was better.   while the dashed lines for continuation are not include from tube to radiator, but assuming tubes are shown at true elevation.

notice the vent tubing 37 from top tube goes to top of radiator.   (to midigate the fact the outlet is near center to allow top of radiator to fill.

another thing to remeber, the original radiator had a vertical seperator in the end tank for front / back flow path.   the ford recomedation was change sperator to horizonal giving the bottom / top path.   expaning why thermal switches for fan are also FUed

and my "engineering" background is that the pump pushes throug engine / radiator back to its "suction" inlet


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Various Factory literature shows it both ways, which was a bit confusing. So on a 550-mile trip to a 'Vegas Fun Rally and back some years ago, I tried it both ways in our '72, changing over at a racing friend's home in Pahrunp, NV.

The car ran the same temps both ways and the trip each way was long enough to fully assess any problems. Including past Marlin-Jacks home in the southern NV  desert.  So based on that I'd say the routing makes no difference in a street Pantera. YMMV-

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