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DeTomaso Mangusta Parts Catalog
Prepared by Carrozzeria Ghia S.p.A.
A repro of a seldom seen, early Mangusta Parts Catalog.
50 Pages in length
Includes exploded diagram sketches of the car.
Useful resource to view the early parts and parts numbers.
PI Member Price: $30.00
Non-Member Price: $40.00
For ordering information, please visit this link:
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Is this the "chassis" document or the "body" version?? Early reprint or later??? (Later ones have really smudgy lettering to the point of unreadable/unuseable.)

The Chassis doc is very good in that it was a fairly complete doc along with partnumbers and suppliers ie Ford, Fiat, etc. The body doc is a nice piece, but under written... it also does not have the detail as the chassis version, which would have been nice. However, most of it is in Italian, except for some translations that were done years ago by a member. I've done a lot more since...

The chassis doc is probably the more "available" of the two and I refer to it all the time. I think I got my "body" version when I was in Italy.

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