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I had a "mushy" brake pedal and noticed brake fluid on my wheels (both rear).

There is moisture (brake fluid) where the flex line meets the rear caliper.

What is the "normal" failure mode (fitting, gasket, O-ring, etc...) at this joint and what is the fix?

I have a great local hot rod shop that does stainless steel custom...what measurements/standard would they need to get the right length and compatible fitting?

Do I REALLY need a special wrench to do this?
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Tom, the connections are metric and you need to make sure your shop doesn't stuff imperial parts in there. Unless this connection has worked itself loose, this is not a "normal" failure point. It is a good excuse to upgrade to braided stainless flex lines and some new Porterfield RS-4 brake pads while you're in there.

This is all easy stuff to do and PI, Wilkinson and Pantera East (and others, I'm sure) have nice bolt-on parts all at the right sizes and lengths for pretty reasonable money. The pads are ordered directly from Porterfield (search the forum for details on them if you're interested). While you're at it, why not install some Speed-Bleeder screws to make one-person bleeding really easy ( You'll need: Parts
SB1428 (1/4 X 28 X 1” LONG) X 1 for the clutch slave
SB8125LL (M8 x 1.25 X 1.5” LONG) x 6 (3 pairs) for calipers.
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