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Hello guys,

I don't know very much about mechanic but tonight I took off the rear brakes on my 1971 Pantera !
I have the car for 4-5 months and I'am handling several problems.

On both sides I have a problem with the hanbrake lever (see what I call "handbrake lever" circle in red HERE last picture)

Passenger side : Hand brake lever is working, when I pull it, it brakes but it's very hard to pull, I'm thinking of putting grease but any other idea ? it might not be just grease so I ask.

Driver side : When I pull the lever it's very easy to pull, but it doesn't brake at all...
My hydraulic brakes are working fine (I mean at the pedal, when driving) so I guess the piston is working

As far as hydraulic brakes works but not the driver side handbrake lever what do you think is wrong ?

PS : On pantera wilkinson we can buy 3 kinds of parts :
The whole caliper OR rebuild kit with piston OR rebuild kit without piston. I'm planing on buying one of them but prices are from 20 to $350...
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Just as a guess, the pads do not have the pin to keep the piston from rotating and the driver side has rotated enough to disengage the fine ratchet mechanism inside the caliper. The levers should be very hard to move if you are trying to move them at the caliper. There is a large leverage factor when using the handbrake handle.
Good luck.
Quick kitty >>> There is no brake cable, I have to replace it so for the moment I pull the lever with my hand

So the problem is really inside the caliper

Why hydraulic brake make the piston work whereas the handbrake lever doesn't do anything ?
IMHO it might be the lever itself that is not anymore connect to the piston...or something like that, any idea ?

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