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Where is the car coming from?  California has a process for bringing in a car that is out of state.  I have not tried to bring in a car that is out of the country.  One definite issue with a GT5S or any car starting with 1976 is that it will need a smog test.  I have registered two 1971 Panteras along with a 1975 Porsche from out of state using Auto Club (AAA) and only minor pain was inflicted.  With the Porsche the person at AAA was certain that I needed a smog test but eventually let it go.  It seems a little like a roll of the dice when bringing a car into California.

I hear people speak of registering all sorts of cars in CA (yes, I am a resident) that in theory fail the smog rule of pre-75 cars only are smog exempt.  Some loopholes existed for not having to smog your car based on where in the state you lived (specific rural areas).  Someone just told me the other day "his guy registers all his exotic cars and he never needs smogs and has a GT40 replica that is not registered under the SB100 rules".  I really would love to know their secrets and what "their guy" knows that the rest of us don't.

But to your question, didn't some GT5-S cars have cats in the mufflers?  Could it be they would pass a smog?  My Pantera used to have to be smogged when I first got it.  That was when they even had the rolling dyno which it went on.  It passed every time but had to have all the smog equipment correct for the year which was the air cleaner with PCV, the heat tube off the headers, etc.  I would have to "set it up" each time to look correct and then take it to the station for the test.  Thank god that requirement ended!

My 1974 Pantera from Europe is registered as 1975 and is exempt from smog tests.

From the California DMV website:

Your vehicle does not need a smog inspection if your:

  • Gasoline-powered vehicle is a 1975 year model or older

Originally the law was that any car 30 or more years old was exempt.  Then they changed that in 2005 or so and froze it at 1975.

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