Thought I would mention the milestone...

The De Tomaso Registry is fast approaching 6000 entries.

I will post some more simple statistics soon.

The Registry Guy

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Congratulations on your achievement, Chuck. It is a huge contribution to the marque. I suspect that most people have no idea of the incredible amount of time that you have put into this Sisyphean task. We all owe you a debt of gratitude because having a registry adds credibility to the provenance of our cars thereby improving the market value for collectors. It also deters theft and helps prevent fraud. It's also just plain cool to be able to look up different cars and their photos, and to do research on your web site. Now if only the factory had seen fit to make their records available!                  

Congratulations Chuck  , everyday I check the registry and use photo's and information from the registered cars.

Hope you keep going on whit the good work.


Thanks for you comments all.  The point of the announcement is really to inform future DeTomaso owners researching the Marque that there is an active registry for our cars.   I will post some statistics under a different subject.


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