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Reassembling my doors after completing the body.  Cleaned all the internals, repainted everything, machined and installed Taurus (Ford) window motors, etc.  The passenger side door was a b@#ch, but it’s done.  The driver side is KILLING me.  I cannot, for the life of me, get the GD front 1/4 window to seat far enough forward to allow for the thin retaining pillar screw holes to line up (or to allow for the power window to come up fully).  I have new rubbers, and have even sanded them thinner to match the old rotting ones I removed.  I know it should fit, it came out of the damn spot after all.  Anyone else been in this situation and have a suggestion (tried WD40, thinning rubbers).

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Those quarter windows were one of my major headaches reassembling 2511. I feel your pain.

like you, I trimmed a bunch of the gasket that would not be visible and hopefully that made things a little easier  

I taped everything together with duct tape. Gently hit a rubber mallet on a piece of wood that fit snugly into the window channel.

also drilled a hole to allow a Phillips screwdriver to serve as a prybar.

hope these help you out.





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Thank you.  I set back out after the game ended and gave it another try.  I trimmed down the gasket a bit further, mostly on the sides this time to allow it to fit deeper into the door.  With a little help from one of my boys I managed to get both holes to match up.  Now I just need to see if the window (once all the guts are reinstalled) rolls up w/o too much resistance.

I always use soap ,( household soap for dishes)  this will helps better than WD 40 , and slide de window horizontal .

Mount  rubber 1/2 thick into the frame , and the glass 1/2 thick into the rubber on the vertical frame rail, and than hammered this directly on the glass forward.

And when the glass is on it's place mount the vertical rail ,  always scary  to get scratches on the door and rail trim.

the trim on the top of the door has a small space to fit the horicontal rail

Use a lot household soap for dish , to soak the rubber more greasier than WD40

Have done several, never a problem .


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