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I am working on a couple of Panteras at the same time.  One is a driver and has all of its glass in place.  The other is being assembled and only the door and vent windows are installed.  The car without most of the glass is significantly easier to work on, particularly in the engine bay.  Thus, it is starting to make sense to me that a removable rear window could be a long term benefit.  I know it is not commonly done.  Has anyone done this?  If so, how does one go about it?  I have had a bad experience with plexiglass in the vent windows (it was drilled for mirrors) and would prefer to continue with automotive glass.  Please let me know if you have this setup.

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I have been a fan of leaving the quarter windows out as well.  With the rubber and trim in place it is not very noticeable as David described.

Gary Walker (comp2) has not been on this forum since 2018.  I think he had a good setup but the photos in his thread are not viewable.

It seems like a frame could be fabricated that would hold the stock window in place.  Perhaps there is no need to cut a different piece of glass.

I recently swapped out an MSD distributor with Progression Ignition.  I have been spoiled by installing distributors on cars without a back window.  Doing the swap on a car with a back window was more tedious and took longer.  And the quality of the wiring from the endeavor does not match that of the cars that I recently worked on without a back window.

Any wiring along the engine side of the firewall is difficult to maintain or alter with the window in place.  Over time the wiring in that area tends to become a rats nest.

It is easier work on the fuel line and vapor line without the window.

Working on the throttle cable and mounting bracket is easier without the window.

For those that run Weber carburetors, a removable back window would be a benefit.

The back window is among the last parts of the car that I install when assembling a Pantera.

...I have been thinking of a Rear Window CENTRAL 'Slider', such as in the Pick-Up Trucks. In Lexan. Much like the Sliding Plastic Windows we see on Race Panteras and GT40's. Think of the Ease in Working on the Distributor. The New, Entire Window would Install in 6-8 Pieces, with SS Machine Screws, and Locks/Seals when shut. And Slide on a Precision Track. It would be a First!


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