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OK I would call that throttle actuator bellcrank affair on the engine as "not so simple"!   In fact I have NEVER seen that on a Goose......   Similar in nature, not in execution, to the carb linkage found in 66-67 Fairlane/Comet  to accommodate engine to firewall movement.....Rube Goldberg was definitely involved there.....

Since that carb appears to be an off the shelf Holley, and not an Autolite Ford unit......all bets are off!!!   (I would have moved the cable bracket forward to the next or front most intake manifold bolt or made a new bracket to do so.)

In this case, I believe that the owner is concerned with replacing the sheathing and not the actual cable inside.....or perhaps both!    So does the Pantera version offer a suitable replacement still?

I do agree that replacing the actual cable can be done in a variety of manners......bicycle brake/shifter cable etc.  Multiple different diameters and flexibility characteristics as well........


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Here is pic from a late production car.  FWIW 20yrs ago we had an owner looking for a cable for a 429CJ or Boss9. Can't exactly recall but we used a couple of cables from an Econoline or truck cable and stagering the joint from every trand and silver soldering each idividually so they would still slip through the sheath. 8MA1242_ carb


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  • 8MA1242_ carb

On 8MA1010, the sheath (8mm OD) is only ~30 inches looks like the original setup by not positive!!  So for most of its length, the steel throttle cable tube (~10mm ID) welded along the chassis spine carries only bare cable, no sheathing.  The short length of sheath pushes into the rear of this tube from the engine bay, and only guides the cable from there to it's termination near the carb.

But....If you have a cable assembly with a longer sheath, it should just slide deeper into the tube to compensate.  That said, I think a Pantera cable shealth may be bit longer than Mangusta geometry can accommodate, so some trimming MAY be needed.  Fwiw the aftermarket Panteras cable's I've seen have OD's closer to 6mm than the Mangusta's 8mm, but that doesn't seem to be a show stopper....  End-to-end my throttle cable assy measures 76” (per notes!), terminations included.

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Getting a new one made is not hard, I custom ordered mine from Pegasus Racing (if I remember, total 74" long...). The hard part is getting it in place; since the original rests in a metal tube on the spine--tightly--I replaced completely the metal tube along with the cable. Which means installing the cable, then making the bend in the pipe...

Throttle Cables - Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies

...early reviews of the goose (that 'the throttle cable felt like it was lubricated with gravel') have been in my head since the 80's...! "PTFE lined" just sounds better...


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