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Hello everyone,

Is anyone aware of any close replicas of the Group 4 wheels that aren't mirror finish polish. I would consider going to a bigger diameter, but I really don't like the chrome bling look.

I love the look of the Group 4 wheels, but like everyone else don't have a set or access to big 15" tyres.

I noticed that a company other than Campagnolo made the later wheels for the GT5 and GT5S - were they still 15" rims and are they still being manufactured?

I am a learner here so forgive me if you all knew these answers five years ago.

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The Tecnomagnesio wheels you refer to are extremely rare and have been out of production for a while. You can expect to pay upwards of $5K for a set (sans tires) IF you can find them for sale. All stock Pantera wheels were 15" dia., but there were various widths.

As Will suggests, the best option might be to order some 17" modern replica versions and coat them to look stock. You will benefit from better tire selection as well. Good luck.

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