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Thanks! Despite being here in Wisconsin (thus Green Bay Packer region), I don't care for their color choice of green and gold. I much prefer the red.

But IMHO, it would have looked more authentic to have left the WI license plate it's original yellow color, if that was possible.

Edit: Just saw JTP's post. Each to their own, eh?
What would a car forum be without opinions? Especially when the owner doesn't reside here, and never will because that car morphed into something else.

There are ways to give your opinion without bashing someone's car.

As far as not residing here, it wasn't that long ago where a bunch of folks got on a bandwagon on how ugly a car was and lo and behold, the owner was a member. So yes, it does happen.

Share opinions yes, but in a constructive way...

By the way, that car is a PANTERA. It is unmistakable! It morphed into exactly what the owner wanted as a tribute to her husband that couldn't finish it do to his death!

Obviously the folks that are stock lovers won't like it. There are plenty of people that do like it (maybe not the interior)...

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