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Freinds, I'm seldom stumped at Pantera problems, but this one stopped me cold. Seems an owner in a rural area has lost three interiors from his '74 to mice! He's frequently out of town for weeks at a time and the rodents get into his car, tear up the carpets, chew the sreal padding and buid netst. The smell is notable, too.
Did I memtion these are Deer-mice, known to carry the Hantavirus in their droppings that have killed quite a few westerners in recent years? The owner is un-wired, so any suggestions I will pass one by telephone. (I already suggested a Boa Constrictor, as he's gone too long at a stretch for a dog or cat) FWIW, he keeps his pristine Ford Model A in a steel sea-van for protection, and that works, but the Pantera is too low 'n wide to fit.
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Jack, I did a GOOGLE search on electric pest repellents and the list is quite large. Northern lists 87 (I think) different types of pest repellents including a "commercial rodent repeller" for $29.00. I have used these repellers in my garage for several years, (mainly to eliminate spiders and such that we get here in Florida) they list mice and 20-30 other type pests that they control by ultrasonic frequency emmissions that humans can't hear. I had some evidence of field mice prior to putting the repellers in, haven't seen any sign since. I place several in the unused outlets around my shop because they seem to somewhat directional. If I need the outlet while I am out there I unplug it and put it back in when I leave.

All of that said, was based on your friend having electric in his storage area. if not, he may want to try mothballs, in containers around the outside of the car. He probably doesn't want to replace the smell of the rodents with the smell of his grandmother!

The phone number for Northern Tool is 1-800-221-0516

Gary #06984
You don't have to own a cat or dog for it to work. You must know someone who has a cat or dog! just ask them for some fur after they comb their pet. Take the fur and put it in a nylon sock, and then put it in your car. You just need to replace it once in awhile, for freshness. You shouldn't notice any smell.
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