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Does any one have any first hand knowledge of these wheels?

Price? Availability in the USA? They look pretty nice. gr4 anteriore&foto=pantera_ant.jpg&marca=detomaso

Also, check out the wheels on this car .


Any info on this car??

Ron McCall

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I did a lot of research on wheels before I bought my new Gottis. Roin makes a very nice wheel. You can communicate directly with them via email. I have it somewhere if you want. They will build and ship directly to you. There are represented here in the US by a firm that advertises on EBAY. But be warned, the ebay seller is much higher in price (at least they were) than Roin quoted me directly.

Gotti is making wheels again from the original tooling and molds. I bought my 10's and 13's direct from them in France and they air shipped to my door. Sweet looking retro wheels.


Here is what I had from them in August of 2011:

Hi Lee,
Sorry for late reply. Thanks to appreciate my product.

I try to answer your questions:
1. prices are Euro 850,00 each front 10"x15" and Euro 950,00 each rear 13"x15".
2. I confirm wide 10" and 13" x 15" (as original)
3. The backspacing is fixed and measured front 115 mm and rear 135 mm
4. material used is aluminium 6082T6 in two pieces welded
5. Delivery time at today is about 5 weeks from confirm order
6. wheel are painted as original (nitro paint). You can choose color.
For further information please ask.

Best regards

Andrea Roin


Via Monte Comun, 35 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto - VERONA - ITALY

Tel. +39-0458779288 - Fax +39-0459786925 - Mob. +39-3402735464
FWIW: EVOD just quoted me $4,000 for a set of these if I can get 5 people to commit .
I also had an idea of a 17" version that looks exactly like the 15" version with the outside 1" section would be black and look like part of the tire. They do this with white walls now. It would look EXACTLY like the 15" version but would take a 17" tire and would fit big brakes. Those would be $6,500/set if I bought 5 or more.


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