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Here's the details:

All the numbers are approximate, but pretty close.

Cam: $380, Lifters $335, Springs, Retainers, 10 Deg. Valve Locks, Shipping $200

It was more than I remembered, but who can put a price on performance? I don't like to look back - only forward.


As a famous person once said....


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FWIW, my cam has similar specs:
Duration @ .050: 224 intake / 232 exhaust
Lift: .577 intake / .588 exhaust
LSA: 110

My cam was a custom ground hydraulic roller from Oregon Camshaft.

Fellow PCNC member Doug Johnson has almost the same roller cam in his 351C - identical specs except a 112 LSA - it came from CompCams.
His car was just dyno tuned and it made 397 hp at the rear wheels if I recall correctly. I don't remember what torque was, but it's a long flat torque curve. He's also running TrikFlow aluminum heads, Edelbrock Performer intake, and a Chuck Nyutten 750 cfm Holley.
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