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Speaking of roof spoilers ... there seems to be two distinctly different versions of the roof spoiler. MANY years ago, I bought one at Hall Pantera. It appeared to be the same as the one that Mind Train was selling. A friend of mine bought one from Wilkinson and it was different. It had a lower, flatter profile. Mine was about an inch or so higher across the deck lid opening. Wilkinson claimed the one my friend bought from him was OEM, from DeTomaso.

Has anyone else noticed this variation and how can you ensure you get the one you want? 

From the pictures Ron's spoilers look to be taller than the version shown on the L car above.

Doug, Can you measure your bolt center and height of the opening at the center of the spoiler?

Ron, Can you do the same for comparison.

Joules, If you can do the same with your factory version then we would have a good sampling to compare.

The stud spacing on mine is 5-7/8" and they are 1/4"-20 NC SAE threads.

The opening distance from the top edge of the decklid to the bottom edge of the spoiler is 1-1/4". To the top edge of the spoiler at the same point is 1-1/2".

It is mounted as far forward as it can go and the outer edges taper to match the widening angle of the rear deck lid.

Mine is also painted black on the bottom .

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