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Beautiful car. Being significantly more versed in Panteras than the Mangusta, I always thought that the wheels were magnesium rather than aluminum. Also this car would have came with the 302 not a 289 wouldn't it have?

Ford wasn't making 289 hipo in anything after 67. Would they have continued to make them for Detomaso? I would be surprised if they would have.


The exact number is not known, nor is the logic to who got them....but indeed, the factory did have Campagnolo cast up aluminum wheels for these cars..... Speculation is somewhere around 20 cars......WAG here....   NORMAL wheels are magnesium.

The first 25 or so Mangustas did come with HiPo 289 engines. Exact count is TBD as factory didn't release this sort of production info.  There may be a "notebook" that could confirm, but not sure if the owner is sharing freely......!

Ford was indeed still making 289HIPO engines, just not for production cars!  The parts division was still receiving them!    I was able to check GOose #4 out years ago, pre digital camera...and I can't find my film pictures...DOH!...... and that car had a true 289HPO engine with casting dates on the intake, heads, distributor, and carb, that were all early 1968 dates IIRC. The dates were similar to the dates in the window glass also! This squashed the idea that the cars were being produced (enmass) in 1967.... nope!

The 289HP cars had a couple of unique 6 bolt bellhousings for the smaller diameter flywheels, and "many" bolt jackshaft holders!   I forget what all else was different..... everything else should have pretty much been carried over to the cheaper 302-4V Cougar/Fairlane/Mustang engine.


PS: Not sure the BAT crowd will bring a proper price for this car....but then again, it would seem that buyers have abandoned CraigsList and are paying up for BAT cars???      POS cars almost criminally over sold,  have brought more than the $325 number. This car deserves the new $400K mark!  What's a missing screw!? Probably vibrated out due to being driven!!!! 

Pat,   I may have noticed or not....if it was one of the two screws holding the headlamp bezel in place, not the round stainless bulb trim, those dang screws were literally hit or miss!    There are puny tabs that are supposed to be captured by the screws.....but 50% of the time, one of the screws missed....and no mater what you did, would never be able to fasten the bezel properly!

One would need to remove bezel, remove bulb, figure out where teeny tinyassed screw was suppose to be....then drill a teeny tinyassed hole in the tab and try to bend the tab into position to catch the screw once you put it all back together!!!  PITA!!!  I found no holes in the tabs where the screw was MIA.

I found my tabs welded in the wrong position....or it surely seemed that way.  I think I drove my car for years with no screws......totally friction fit!!!   Maybe there was one screw in each......cannot recall only that at least one was missing all the time....just like this one perhaps!!!


I think they made 2 yellows (Giallo in Italian), is that right? The one pictured above and also a lighter more pastel yellow ... My car was originally the same yellow as the car for sale.  Repainted black in the early 1990's. I have to say I never ever considered taking it back to yellow until I saw this car. Maybe the license plate helps sell it or the lighting and photos are just right. Looks wonderful.

hmm, needs a new headliner, has the wrong interior mirror, wrong alternator,  clock is broken, needs a gasket on the left rear wheel well, needs the plastic chrome edging around the engine bay, ignition keys aren't Magneti Marelli, needs a knob on the heater flap...I'd say near perfect , just needs that screw....

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Those are "crazy NOT to sell" numbers!!!!     Sell your car, and go buy another with those sums!!!  (I'd never believe an auctioneer however...seems a lot high even for last/this year's market, even in Europe!)


Good thing the keys are NOT Magneti Marelli.....that means at least that el-Fiat-o "burn the car down" ignition switch has been replaced!!!  Don't ask how I know this......!  Knob, what knob.....there's supposed to be a knob on that thing?   The clock is perfect, it is correct twice a day vs never!!!


A friend I've known for over 40 years has owned a Mangusta since the early 80's, its a well sorted car. Last year he was at the Barrett Auction and was told by them they could get him $800k! He had someone offer him $575k and turned it down!   Both are extraordinary numbers which shocked me.

Your friend must have a special attachment to that particular goose. Possibly a family heirloom? The highest sale I know of  (I'm no expert but I do watch the market) is around $400k for a highly original and low-mile car. Or he's in no need of money because as Steve points out, you could go buy a nice one and pocket the difference!

@scifi posted:

Your friend must have a special attachment to that particular goose. Possibly a family heirloom? The highest sale I know of  (I'm no expert but I do watch the market) is around $400k for a highly original and low-mile car. Or he's in no need of money because as Steve points out, you could go buy a nice one and pocket the difference!

There are a few factors, its probably a bit of his legacy, he's well off, in his 80's and doesn't need the money, he's got other cars that he shows. Wilkenson did a rebuild on the motor and put injection on it and it's turn key, so not 100% original, but close. I agree he could sell and buy a new one and pocket a bit of money.

...The highest price I've seen for a Goose is the "Cars" car, 8ma1190, at around $450k with all fees. It was just over what was the low mileage winner (is that 8ma716?)

What has been the highest public price for any DeT, didn't even the 70P not-sell at $550k? A Mangusta is not really a rare car (one of 'hundreds' is not really rare), and the last one on bat (a running, driving, great looking car) sold for about $185k only. The only Mangustas I'd expect to sell for over $500k would be the Spider (8ma512), the long lost first car (8ma506 maybe, the one with the sunroof filled in, solid rear bumper, external hinges) and (I dare say it), that one owner car with the Chevy engine...Lee

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The BaT seller disclosed today that the car is registered in CA as NON-OP so it can't be driven on the streets.  As he stated, "its been in stored for many years".  He has offered to repair stuff wrong with the car up to a percentage of the sale price to help sell it.   He is unable to provide any pictures of the underside of the car.   Very curious.  

I can tell you what’s involved since I did the same a few years ago. It’s almost nothing. No back fees, no need to have the car running or show it to anyone. Simply pay the DMV for new tags and show proof of insurance. I used AAA’s DMV services. The hardest part is finding someone with enough patience to enter the VIN number since the computer says it’s too short. In my case we prepended zeros to fill the field with the last three characters being the true VIN number. Do not include 8MA.  Also the registration fees will likely be the cheapest you have paid in recent memory. Mine was $135 while my unremarkable daily driver is closer to $600.

@panterapatt posted:

In this case, the tag sticker says '85.  Been sitting a long time.

...Copy Image and Zoom IN, Actually, the TAG Reads '95!!

Yes! Been sitting Quite Awhile!

...And NO Offense, But I think It's NON-OP, So It Can't Be Driven On the Streets...LEGALLY!!

'Change the Fluids, and take it Out And 'Drive it Like You Stole It! It's Been My Experience...Cops Can't Notice a 'Blur'! JMHO

...And You DO, take a Chance of It Being Impounded!!


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Even with a "non-op" CA, you can get a temporary driving permit.....which requires a DMV visit....ugh!   Usually only for one day!  For moving car "to the shop for repair"...... and back!   But I think you'd need to convince the DMV clerk to issue two slips at the same time......??!  That could be difficult!!!

Non-Op in CA allows for avoiding yearly road ransom.... Not sure about personalized plate renewals....   But if you want to remove it, you just send your latest registration paper with check to DMV and wait a few weeks.....  No longer a big deal for OLD cars.

For cars/trucks that may be subject to tail pipe inspections, you'd likely need to provide one of them things too if it's been a few years!

I believe that this car was well loved and taken care of!  Rubber fuel line would be only item I'd be concerned about aside from old gas and old coolant for the most part.  OK, then tires.....


I'll gladly volunteer to go thru the entire car to get it tip top, just divert delivery truck to my address.

Only caveat is that it could take up to 2-3 years for the process and I can't say exactly how many test miles would be required to shake the termites are getting harder and more difficult to find...

Mismatched tires? WTH?  I had two different types of tires on my car and it went just fine....bigs in back, and littles up front!     Worked so well I'm thinking of doing the Panteras just like it!!!   Not sure why this is ever a problem.......? Like saying you have two different socks on......nothing to get hung up about these days of acceptance to all......!

Just sayin,,,,,,if it's gotta be done.....


PS: I'm not even sure that one could find the proper two sizes to make the Goose look right from the same manufacturer any longer anyway.   Finding new skins for the Pantera runs into the same issue unless you bend over for new "driver" BFG's with raised white letters.....  There are better tires from other manufacturers for the fronts....bigs out back...not so much!!! 

...Doesn't a new buyer have the obligation to title it themselves? And insurance and everything else for whatever state it is in? The Non-Op seems like nothing, hardly a relevant disclosure it seems. And unless the pictures are lying, the car looks fantastic. Change the fluids, new tires--or not and just have something that you take out a few times a year...

  $400k is way too ambitious, but one way or the other this car will be loved...

Lee,   the "non-op" is a CA thing for the republik of Kalifornia.......  No other state will likely care...... it's all do do with the bean$$$s!!!   No non-op?  A CA buyer would owe for every year no reg'd......   Out of state buyer?  N/A!!!

Again, from what I have seen, $400 is right in the ballpark for a car that is this complete and matching!  Go back and check the window markings!  It has the original windshield in it and it looks really nice!

Like I said there are only a couple of little things to tweek and you are top of the heap!  Go back to the mess of a 351C powered car that hit the auction block a couple of years ago.... it was 100% stock, never seen a car so original...blah blah blah....   Even when multiple owners etc chimed in to the auction co, all that happened is that comm's from the auction house ceased and the stupid bidders came out and ran it up to something like $329K????   That number could be off by $50K or so......but it was ridiculous for such a NOT stock car!

When your car is finished it will be work MIIIIILLLLIONNNNSSSS!   ))))


Steve, yeah, in Texas if a cop sees the car (and well, every cop is going to see this car) and the license or inspection tag are outdated (and god will they hope there is a reason to chat over the car), the only unforgivable sin is not having liability insurance. Otherwise they hand you the ticket and say "fix it in 7 days and no fine". Been there, done that, seems like dozens of times

Yes, I believe my car will be worth millions, though I doubt I'll be alive then and god, I hope its finished At least this car on Bat is clearly a beauty---honestly, there are a lot of Mangustas that are or yet will be...

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The seller could not produce any pictures under the car nor put it on a lift - that is strike one on BaT.  The sell has the car on a non-op registration so they could not drive the car or produce any driving videos - just one of the engine at idle - that is strike two on BaT.  The seller openly acknowledged that car has not been driven or actually run in nearly 30 years and offered to pay for repairs up to X percent of the sale price but had no idea what might be wrong with the car - strike three on BaT.  For what they probably "think" they would sell the car for, you could have won several Ferrari 512 or 365 Boxers which were in excellent driving condition.  The seller of this one "thought" people would throw $400k at him.  BaT crowd didn't take his fake.  I wish them luck but more effort is required to get that kind of price. my thinking, just darn lucky we bought a Mangusta at a price that a Ferrari Boxer never sold for then...and yeah, when you look at the cars (and maybe even plural "cars") that $235k could buy, the truth is that a Mangusta is not really rare, there are available, beautiful car(s) taking up space in somebody's showroom. And  the thought I could trade a Mustang-engine for a V12 Ferrari  just teases me.

Still compared to say, the price today for a rusty Porsche 356--the Mangusta is a remarkable thing.  I'll bet a picture underneath this car (at least from hints of the rear suspension that was photo'd) , looks like it is suppose to...maybe even better. And even that Ferrari is probably on 30 year old brake hoses and 20 year old tires.

  Hopefully the owner here feels the passion to change the fluids and go have fun with this beautiful car--it may be a relief that its not worth as much as he was afraid, and can treat it instead like a car and not a life-threatening investment. But for god's sake, go get an Austin Mini knob for the heater flap

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