my appologies right to start with..but need US car fellow experience..PLEASE!

please help for diagnosis on my Corvette (my second toy besides Pantera 4907 GTS) ..well ok not a Ford but Chevette 327 Small Block Gen 1, turbo fire 350 HP (may be I do not know as a replaced engine)

Symptoms since today Oct 1:
a) MISS FIRE  at left bank at acceleration with detonation in the exhaust
b) rough engine winding up
c) oil gets pretty quickly dark after refill..I check it every 150 mils, replaced it after buying the car after 300 mile, black soon

Analysis at an engine test per Sept 15: 

1) did check the spark plugs say 200 mile ago.. nr 3 was NOT GOOD  with a SHORT (some metal material at the tip) and a black kernel
2) all other spark plugs good grey...( I replaced all of them on Sept 15, 300 miles ago then)
3) compression all over 190 psi  only nr 3 was 161 psi (thought/hoped the SHORT was the issue - guess a mistake?)
4) NOW: slightly smoke on the left side from exhaust at idle and much more at acceleration comp. to right bank side - i.e black smoke at acc..
5) negative pressure at intake level was only 10 psi on Sept 15 (if I winded up the ignitan advance the pressure goes up at idle, still not in the green space on the US instrument for V8s)
6) Oil pressure top constant 30 at idle and then up, no issue at hot oil /engine

Engine knowledge:
x) I assume the car when I bought it 1000 mile ago has been sitting some where for longer...NO DETails avail.
y) it is a replacement engine

What is your guess please?    Stuck Exhaust lifter?


Matthias a fan of US V8 vintage engines

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Hi there, I recently went through a whole bunch of similar and weird symtoms on the 351C (including smoke from one side of exhaust!) - drove me nuts. Finally found that the metal part of the distributor rotor was damaged. Worth a check  

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Tx Piney for got me to the RIGHT direction..

..checked all ign. wires all good,
..Opened the districutor CAP..woow one of the fixtures of it  was OPEN. GM has a as we call it bajonet fixtures with a spring on each side ..I am used to what Ford has two clips, all my European cars have /had it like that - easy to spot . So I missed it when I worked on it last week. 
Now my nice blue C2  is ALSO runing for the last days in late summer in old G land ..  .. getting have gasolin work now I can tell you..



Beat me to it I was thinking cracked cap or tracking in the cap. Glad you found it. we are all car guys just put the chevy at the back of the line please. PS that is where I ride my Harley so you are with friends as long as you' re going along, Smile. 

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