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I can recommend Yankee Motors in Nürnberg. They do ONLY US Motors incl. Clevelands Smiler

They did my motor..block, crank, flywheel, added the additional oil restrictors, all fully build based on my parts. Bore only 4.02!!! on Ross custom pistons. Build the engine, validated via "schleppen" and measuring the electric power consumption, and oil pressure.
You can bring your own parts or have them do it all, the latter gives you warranty.

Did ship motor by fright ap 100€. The Geschäftsführer is Mr. Müller, good guy and very knowledgeable, give him my regards.
The senior mechanics is also Mr. Müller (II).

give me a call for more info.. 0152 0309 2434

Rene have you considered having the engine machine work done here in the USA and then shipped a parts to you? Based upon your request it appears that you prefer to check and assemble the engine yourself. This is the route that I took (minus the overseas shipping). I had all the machine work such as Sonic check bores, Bore/Hone Cylinders, Aligh hone mains, balance rotating assembly, etc. done locally in So Cal. Once all the machine work was done I mocked everything up to check things such as bearing clearances etc. I even did the George Pence recommended lifter bore bushing / oil restrictor modifications. The engine has been on the road for the last 5 years with no problem. Just my 2 cents.
ThaThat's exactly it, I only need a machinist, I chose the parts myself, taking a lot of inspiration from George's advices, and I'll do the reassembly myself too.

- Shipping costs between France and the US and return for an object as heavy as a block engine + crankshaft + cylinder heads, +, +, + .... are very high

- if, when I measure all clearances there is a problem, I can hardly return the block or a head to the US.

This is well a shame because I think you have many more good machinists in the US than in Europe and especially in France. I think it's due to the fact that in Europe we have the right to change very little about our cars and even nothing at all in France and moreover qualified manpower becomes very rare, garages do not do more than standard trade with factory-rebuilt engines because they no longer have workers who are able to dismantle and rebuild an engine.
Rene, Keep looking there has to be at least one decent machine shop in Europe. As long as the machine shop can maintain proper tolerances you should be fine. You don't need a racing engine expert as long as you have the tools and knowledge to check all clearances etc. Go for it. I'm sure you will be successful.

Just think how us Americans felt when we first encountered the Maserati Bora's LHM hydraulic system. There were few people qualified to work on them. I have heard many stories of owners topping off the LHM tank with green coolant. Sheesh......
Yes, of course there must still be some, I just have to find it. For example I have not yet found one that uses a pressure plate to bore the cylinders .....

My problem also is that if I had the machines I could do the work and I have a little hard to trust.

For the LHM, it must be said that this is not what the Europeans, the French in this case, have done better (I have never been a fan of Citroën Big Grin )

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