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2511 needs new tires.

I've been running Michelin Pilot Sports in 245/45x16" and 335/35x17". Happy with the sizes, fitment and intend to make no changes.

BUT, Michelin no longer makes this specific series. As it turns out, unless I want DOT-legal street/track tires, which will give me one or two years use at best, NO manufacturer makes matching-tread tires in these two sizes.

So to keep these sizes, tread pattern will differ. This is not a deal-killer for me.

I am now looking at Michelin Pilot SX MXX3 tires for the front and Michelin Pilot Sport2 tires for the rear. Tread styles are cousins to each other, more so than using the PS2 with any other front tire. And perhaps handling characteristics are closer being they are from the same manufacturer.

The SX MXX3 appears to be discontinued but seems to still be available at some outlets.

Both are high-speed rated, both have 10/32" tread depth, and have tread-wear ratings of 140/220 F/R, which is a lot better than the 30/40 ratings of the DOT track tires.

Anyone have feedback on any of this?


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