Does anyone here have any experience with some of their products? I thought that this company was making some hi tech parts for Panteras but outside of the initial blip I never saw anything more. Does any one have a contact number or website? Thanks, Vince
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Here's the (incomplete) contact information I have on file:

Ron Wade
Serious Overkill
Work: 1 (800) 999-CHEV
Work: 1 (360) 892-1191

Washougal, Washington

Ron is building a serious killer high tech GT5-S, and fabricating lots of custom carbon fiber components, a totally custom suspension, and some other specialty stuff, some or all of which he is making available for sale. An example of one of his better known products is his double pane rear window. He is also one of the few vendors selling true all-carbon fiber trunk and deck lids instead of the more common carbon fiber-covered fiberglass ones. I don't know anyone who has bought any of these parts, so I would be interested to read some reviews myself.

If you want more information, have a look at the Spring 2004 edition of PI Magazine; it has a feature on Ron and his car.
Ron seems like a nice guy. I had ordered one of his carbon fiber hoods, and gave a $500 dollar deposit, right after the article came out about his car. I waited about a year and a half and still had not recieved anything. Finally I asked for my deposit back and he sent it with no problem. I would have rather recieved the hood, but I guess he was having technical problems with the hoods at that time.
Ron Wade is one of the most honest and ethical human beings that I have had the privilege to know. Pantera parts are a smaller part of his giant Street Rod that he does mostly for his passion for Panteras. His first run of carbon fiber parts hit some potholes in the road because his mold maker used his GT5-S as the master and he found out that that the later cars were significantly different than the early cars. Jim Coyne
I can vouchfor Jim's comments since I have one of these hoods. More importanly right Ron Wade is still trying to "make it right" with me. In Ron's defense, it was not his fault but the company he entrusted to made the hoods that lacked the level of quality Ron expects.
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