Brought her home Friday - now the re-assembly begins.IMG_0455


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 2511 arrived home late last April and I am just now ready to drop in the drive train. It has been a long journey made even longer by all of the changes and upgrades I took the opportunity to incorporate.

Should you have questions on your reassembly please feel free to reach out to me directly and I will maybe help you out and steer you away from repeating my mistakes. 😉


Thanks all!  My wife loved JT's color, and urged me to use it.  This one is called Kyanite Blue, a Jaguar color.  The non-cosmetic parts are epoxy primer; black underneath and grey elsewhere.

Gorgeous!  I love the color!  We need more pics from different angles and of different areas of the car.  

Awesome! I've been watching your rebuild since before I bought my car. Love the color and looking forward to seeing it finished. 

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