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 2511 arrived home late last April and I am just now ready to drop in the drive train. It has been a long journey made even longer by all of the changes and upgrades I took the opportunity to incorporate.

Should you have questions on your reassembly please feel free to reach out to me directly and I will maybe help you out and steer you away from repeating my mistakes. 😉


OK, I'm back....  about the fan mounts.  I copied the basic shape of the originals, but simplified them.  Each one is 3 pieces; two uprights and a horizontal support for the fan.  They are screwed together, and held to the chassis with screws, not welded.  I use those "riv-nuts", like a pop rivet with threads inside, works great on thin sheet metal.  The horizontal piece just has a strip of dense foam glued to it for the motor to rest on, and two holes large enough to get the hose clamp band through.  Simple, adjustable, and you would have to look closely to see they're not original.  I just have to finish balancing the fans to wrap this up.



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Brief update - went to the upholstery shop today to check on my seats.  The shop owner wanted to get my OK on the work before he continues.  The base of the passenger seat with new upholstery on the left, next to the "original" driver's seat on the right.  The goal is to lighten up the interior, in keeping with the blue / black / silver / grey color theme.  I like it - should look good in the car.IMG_0022


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Congratulations!  I know it’s a big day when you get the engine back in!

You will soon be driving it!

Looks like you are running a “Hank the Crank” type oiling mod, and taking high pressure oil from the port beside the filter?  Any other oiling changes?

I like the frontal head bleeds to the thermostat housing.  Nice and short.


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Long story short; this is not the original engine.  I have it, but it suffered a broken pushrod the last time I drove it, so it needs some work.  This motor is a 2 bolt, 2 barrel Cleveland I built maybe 30 years ago.  It pulled my E150 van around for several years, then was replaced by a stock built 351W when Florida brought back the emissions inspections.  This one is mildly built - cc'd 9:1 compression, light exhaust port work, good valves, cobra jet cam, dual plane intake.  I didn't know about the lifter bushings mod back then.  My oil mod is a simple bypass tube from front to back; maybe helps, can't hurt.  I put the air vents in front just so they would not be seen, then realized that plumbing them into the thermostat housing was the most direct solution.

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