I am having a shifting problem where I can
not get into 2nd or 4th due to not enough
travel. The shifter is not centered when
in neutral and I am sure an adjustment is
the only thing necessary. Any suggestions?
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It appears the u-joint was also loose and may
have pulled foward a bit. I did manage to
get the two locking nuts loose, but what a
pain on the left-hand thread one. Is this
a two person operation for someone to hold the shifter in neutral. I believe I have all 5 forward gears working but now I can't get the car to shift into reverse and that was working before I started this. It goes about 1/2 up the slot and then just stops. Kind of feels like it is binding on something. Any suggestions for this? I think if I had tightened just the u-joint after centering the shifter I probably would have been Ok. Thanks.
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