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The Southern AZ Panteras, and our sister club, the Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson (FIAT) club have prepared this event listing for our members and friends.

2015 was a great year for us. We had a lot of fun, and held events monthly. We look forward to more excitement this year. Here is a link to last year's excitement and events...

Southern AZ Panteras 2015 "Year in Review"

Here is our list of events for 2016. We will be updating this thread with detail planning as we progress through the year. Also listed are also are some of the major events in the southern AZ area. Items in purple are the "Focus Events" that we are planning, or have done.

All events have been suggested by our members. We do have a couple of open events (listed as TBDs) and dates are subject to change.

We hope you all can participate - all are welcome to join us!

09 - Cars & Coffee – La Encantada Mall Tucson, AZ
23 Track Day @ Arroyo Seco Raceway – Deming, NM
23 Il Giro di Phoenix - Phoenix AZ
29-30 Collector Car Show - Tubac, AZ

13 - Cars & Coffee – La Encantada Mall Tucson, AZ, and then..
13 - Cruise to Casa Grande Ruins!
20 – SAACA Car Show – Oro Valley, AZ

03-06 -- Midnight at the Oasis – Yuma, AZ
05 - '69 LeMans Viewing Party

08 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
23 - NEW EVENT Shelby GT-350 Track Event! POCA MEMBERS ONLY!!!

26 - Cruise through Rio Rico, with the AZ Cobra Club!
26 -- Canyon Del Oro High School Car Show – Tucson, AZ

12 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
16 -- 32nd Annual SVCC Spring Car Show – Sierra Vista, AZ
16 -- 8th Annual DM50 Car & Classic Motorcycle Show - Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ
22-23 -- Alpine Up through Clifton & Back (overnight trip)

10 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
11-15 -- POCA Fun Rally – Las Vegas, NV
21 -- Spring Wine Country Cruise – Wilcox, AZ

14 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
11 -- Picnic Run to Parker – Parker Canyon Lake, AZ

09 -- Mt Lemmon Run – Summerhaven, AZ
12 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ

09 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
20 -- Concourso Italiano – Monterey, CA
27 -- Antonio's Metal Craft Tour, Phoenix AZ

03-06 -- SCCA Clifton Hill Climb – Clifton, AZ
13 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
17 - Karts & Crafts on 17 September 2016
23-25 -- Run to Pines – Pinetop, AZ

11 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
15 -- Tucson Classics Car Show @ St. Gregory's – Tucson, AZ
AND tour of Vintage Exotics and Dinner at Barrio Brewery After the Show!

15 -- Cars in the Park – Sierra Vista, AZ

08 – AZ POCA monthly meeting – Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Scottsdale, AZ
12 -- Crown Concepts Tour and Show – 3930 W. Costco Dr., Tucson AZ!
19 -- Fall Wine Country Cruise – Sonoita/Elgin, AZ!

10 -– AZ POCA Christmas Party – Phoenix, AZ
17 -- Tucson Auto Museum, Lunch & 2017 Planning – Tucson, AZ
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January 29-30 Collector Car Show - Tubac, AZ

Our first big event. We have good support from the Phoenix AZ POCA - it's a "Big Time" slate of POCA leadership!

  • Bill W (AZ President)
  • Ken and Rosalie D
  • Richard K & G (AZ Treasurer)
  • Steve R.

    We had a nice turnout from our Phoenix members. And another fun event goes into the books!

    Here's a Link to the Event
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    Mark your calendars for our next event - a cruise up to Casa Grand Ruins in Coolidge on Saturday 13 February!

    We are hoping the Phoenix Crew may want to come down to join us for lunch and car display action, if you guys are up for a ride.

    Here's the outline of the event:

  • Meet up at the Tucson Cars & Coffee event. Plan to depart at approximately 10:30 AM.
  • Travel to I-10 via Ina Road.
  • Take I-10 north past Picacho Peak to AZ-87/AZ-287. (If there is interest in staying off the highway and taking the frontage roads instead we can certainly do that!)
  • Head north on AZ-287 into Coolidge and Casa Grand Ruins National Monument
  • Spend some time at the ruins. Note - there is a fee to access the ruins.
  • Re-gather and head into Florence for a bite to eat.
  • Return via AZ-79 to Oracle Junction and then AZ-77 through Oro Valley and into Tucson around 3:00 PM.
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    The Southern AZ Panteras, and the FIAT Club are hosting a run from Tucson (Vail) towards Nogales on Saturday, 26 March.

    Wives, and enthusiasts invited.

    Our BASIC route is shown in the picture below.

    • PLEASE RSVP BY 3/20 - It's Mandatory for this one!

    My plan is to coordinate a stop at Rick P.’s “Duval Body and Paint” in Green Valley, and see the progress he has made on his Group 4 Pantera conversion.

    After that, we just blast home.

    It will be a great trip. And you don’t have to bring your supercar if you don’t want, but it sure is a blast to drive them! The weather should be awesome!


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    A couple of my good friends have come together (in the perfect storm) to host a viewing party for the 1969 Lemans Race.

    As we all know, the GT-40s (under the guidance of John Wyer) finished 1969 as 1/3, with the winning car, piloted by Jackie Ickx / Jackie Oliver edging out the Porsche by ~100 meters.

    We will be chowing down on French cuisine, and listening to “behind the scenes commentary” by the guy who made it happen – the chief engineer of the Gulf Wyer racing team - John Horsman.

    Invitation Only.

    It will be super-awesome.


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    Thanks, Rick - we will be in touch, and we plan to stop by.


    I just spoke with the Cobra Club president.

    The Cobra Club are planning a run from Tucson to Sonoita at the same time as our trip to Nogales!

    We are hoping to meet them and drive together to Sonoita.

    Here's one of the cars planning to go...


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    Final Plans...

    We have arrangements with the Mountain Hi Lodge on the east side of Alpine for Friday 22 April.

    Note: Picture Taken in the 50's!


    Friday Breakfast & Meet-Up - Vail Steak House Cafe & Diner (menu) on the I-10 frontage road in Vail, AZ (Breakfast @7AM, depart @8AM)

    Friday Lunch - Bring your own to have at a roadside table or pullout between Morenci and Hannagan Meadow.

    Friday Happy Hour & Dinner - Bring a hors d'oeuves to share and a side dish to share at dinner. We were discussing a Bar-B-Que (steaks or burgers) at the hotel

    Saturday Breakfast - Bear Wallow Cafe in Alpine, Arizona
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    Our second May event is a day trip to the Spring Wine Festival at Willcox's Railroad Avenue Park.

    Let's get together for a short run east on I-10 to Willcox. This is a great chance to sample some wine, food, music, relax a bit, and maybe get some Arizona wine for your upcoming summer gatherings.

    If your Italian car can't be on the road feel free to drive something else. Just come for the drive, the food, and the fun!

    Plan to return to Tucson 3-5PM. RSVP on this thread, or reply to Rocky via PM on or before 15 May 2016 to get meet-up location and time.

    Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson
    Southern Arizona Pantera Club
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    Our event for June is a run to Parker Canyon Lake. We'll meet up in southeast Tucson then head south to Sonoita where we will skirt around the edge of wine country and through the rolling hills to Parker Canyon Lake for a picnic lunch and enjoy some cool breezes.

    Parker Canyon Lake is approximately 77 miles southeast of Tucson. The road to Parker Canyon Lake is paved all the way. However, there are some rough roadway surfaces in patches. If you plan on driving your Italian or other sports car you will be fine, just take it easy.

    What to Bring:
    • Beverage(s)
    • Lunch
    • Something to share

    Optional Stop - since we postponed the run to Willcox for the Spring Wine Festival last month, we can still have a "tasting" along our route with a stop at Lightning Ridge Cellars either going or coming from the lake.


    Dave Knawa, Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson
    Chuck Huber, Southern Arizona Pantera Club


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    The F.I.A.T. run (no Panteras - they are all sick cats, or MIA) was a good one.

    We had a fun group, a beautiful day, and a pleasant ride. Based on the ride down, we are considering repeating this event in August or September - maybe in conjunction with our Wine Run?

    Anyway - we had the F.I.A.T. Support Vehicle, and a hybrid Porsche Cayanne. We had:

  • Dave K - F.I.A.T. Club President
  • Chuck H - AZ POCA Vice President - Southern Region
  • Axel O - Porsche Club President (Retired - National)
  • Dave C - Ferrari Club President (Retired - National)

    Follow the link for more information on the trip!

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    Our scheduled event for July is a run up to Mt. Lemmon for lunch at the Iron Door restaurant on Saturday 09 July 2016.

    Trip Plan

  • Meet at Cars & Coffee (La Encantada mall - Tucson). We will line up along the parking lot roadway exiting to Campbell - east side of parking lot across from Blanco Tacos. Alternate meet-up is at Madera Village.

  • Depart at 10:00 AM heading to Safeway parking lot at Tanque Verde & Catalina Highway (Madera Village) where we will meet others / regroup.

  • Depart at 10:45 AM

  • Head up to Catalina Highway to Mt. Lemmon with stop(s) along the way. At a minimum, plan on stopping at the Geology Vista Point overlook just past the Windy Point Vista overlook.

  • After a 10-15 minute "cool down" we will head on up to Summerhaven for lunch.

  • After lunch feel free hang around the mountain or depart individually or group-up for the decent into Tucson with participants peeling off to go to their respective homes/destinations along the way.


    If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.

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    Look for our new August Event -Antonio's Metal Craft, in PHX (27 Aug)

    NOTE: This is an exclusive event - limited to the first 5 cars that sign up, by contacting me, or posting up here.

    Antonio's Metal Craft

    This is a rare opportunity to see how the great and uniquely beautiful pre-war Alfa Romeos were hand-crafted.

    Following introductions, Antonio will give us an overview of his shop and the fine custom metal shaping that is his specialty. He is one of a select few craftsmen employing the traditional Italian methods of shaping and forming metal.

    We will be treated to examination of projects in progress and completed, including an Alfa Romeo spider with a transaxle and completely original hand-formed body.

    Antonio will also demonstrate the art and craft of metal forming using the traditional tools and methods.


    Four Peaks Brewery
    1340 E. 8th Street
    Tempe, AZ
    In September, the Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson (F.I.A.T.) & Southern AZ Panteras are sponsoring a "Karts & Crafts" event on Saturday 17 September 2016. RSVP is mandatory for planning purposes of this event.

    The plan is to take in some indoor go-karting at the new Autobahn track in Tucson and then head down the block to refuel at Barrio Brewing Co. Approximate time frame for this event is from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

    This is a pay-as-you-go event.

    Expect Autobahn track fees to be at least $26/person ($6 for license + $20 for a 14-lap race. More if you want to race more.) Lunch at Barrio Brewing Co. will range from $3.50 - $9.50 plus beverages and gratuities.

    Exact details for times will be determined based on RSVPs received.

    Please RSVP by 5:00 PM on Wednesday 14 September 2016. by signing up here, or sending a PM to me, Chuck Huber

    Chuck Huber, Southern AZ Panteras (& AZ POCA)
    Dave Knawa, Fun Italian Automobiles of Tucson
    An event not to be missed!

    Come over for the Tucson Classics Car Show (at The Gregory School).

    Tucson Classics - Sign Up Now, Spaces Are Limited!

    After the Show, AZ POCA has arranged a tour of Vintage Exotics, one of the most exclusive, high end exotic car restoration and support facilities!

    Vintage Exotics!

    We will get a great tour, and then walk over to the Barrio Brewery for a wonderful group dinner.

    More details will be posted on the specific arrangements, but this is an event not to be missed. Sign up now, and don't miss this one!


    Slideshow of our last visit to V.E.

    There is a Maserati Ghibli, a Lola T70, and lots of other SUPER cars. You can see Hewland transaxles, and Lambos by the score!

    This is me sitting in the Ghibli!

    You guys are about the only ones cool enough to get an invite to Vintage Exotics by the Southern AZ Pantera Club.

    Pantera (and F.I.A.T.) Club Members are getting reserved parking in front of VE, a tour of the show-room, and guess what - they are now building ROCKETS there!

    They have a 40' & a 23' and a 10' Rocket in the facility. The 40' has not yet been fired, both the 23' and 10' ones have flown.

    They will also have the following, plus a lot more:

  • Maserati Ghibli
  • '64 Corvette Split Window Coupe
  • Super-Awesome Built '55 Chevy Suburban 4x4
  • Kyle Yarborough NASCAR Racer
  • '69 Lola Can-Am Car
  • '68 Boss 302

    We have reserved parking arranged for 12 cars. You must bring your Super Car if you want to attend.

    If you can join us... Please let me know Monday 10 October (That means reply YES) and let me know if you are coming.

    Members attending:

  • Chuck (Pantera)
  • Gil (Pantera)
  • Joe (Pantera)

  • Dave (Fiat 124 Spider)
  • Robert - Ferrari 355
  • Chris & Gregory - BMW

    Thanks -

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    Originally posted by Rocky:
    Simon –

    At this point I don't have the details on all the cars, but you can be sure that we will document our experience for all of you to enjoy.

    And if you (Simon) have a chance to hop a Lear Jet to Tucson, you will be my personal guest!


    Thanks Chuck, for the invitation , I keep in mind.
    We are rounding out the Southern AZ Pantera Club / F.I.A.T. Club year with our famous, 4th annual "Wine and Drive" trip to the Sonoita / Elgin area.

    The date is Saturday, 19 November.

    We always have a great turnout of super-awesome cars, and we would love for you to join us.

    We expect a good turnout - we will be inviting several local car clubs.

    Please mark your calendar - more details will be provided shortly.

    Here's a link to a previous run...

    Slideshow - AZ "Wine and Drive"

    AZ POCA and the F.I.A.T. clubs are teaming up for our annual Wine Country Cruise to be held on Saturday 19 November 2016. If you have been on this cruise before you know it is a lot of fun.

    It's also a great way to get a nice bottle of wine for your holiday table or as a gift for someone in celebration of the upcoming holidays! The current weather forecast for Sonoita and Elgin looks just about perfect for this event with a cool morning and a balmy afternoon.


    09:00 AM - Breakfast meet-up at Vail Steak House & Diner
    10:00 AM - Depart for Sonoita
    10:45 AM - Regroup at Sonoita Junction (gas station at intersection of AZ-82 & AZ-83). Meet-up with other members, top-off fuel if necessary.
    11:00 AM - Head to our first winery - Callaghan Vineyards.
    12:00 Noon - Depart for our second winery - Sonoita Vineyards - where we will also have lunch.
    02:00 PM - Depart for our third winery - Four Monkey Winery & Distillery. Participants can choose to sample wine OR distilled spirits.
    03:30 PM - Depart for Sonoita Junction.
    03:15 PM - Regroup at Sonoita Junction - coffee & rest stop at The Steak Out. (This is optional for participants.)
    04:00 PM - Disperse for home.


    • With the exception of the breakfast meet-up, posted times are approximate and subject to change.
    • This is a pay-as-you-go event.
    • Pack/Bring your own lunch.
    • Some wineries offer a discount for the tastings if you bring your own glass.
    • If you do not wish to partake in any of the tastings don't let that stop you from coming out for the drive.
    • Friends and family are welcome to join - just make sure we get their RSVP.

    RSVP to either Dave ( or Chuck ( by 6:00PM (Arizona time) on Wednesday 16 November 2016.

    Here's an encounter from a previous ride...


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