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This weekend I flushed by brake and clutch lines and installed speed bleeders at the same time.  For those not familiar, speed bleeders have an internal check valve, that when the bleeder is loosened, allows the fluid to flow out but does not permit air or fluid to re-enter.  This makes bleeding a one person job.
The part numbers I used are as follows for sock calipers and clutch slave:
SB8125L M8x1.25  You will need six of these 
Clutch Slave:
SB6100 M6x1.0  You will need one of these
They come with rubber dirt caps as well.  My stock caps had long been lost.
Dennis Valdez
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Did you need to wrap the bleeder threads in teflon tape to keep air from getting sucked in, or fluid leaking out, along the threads?

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Larry, the bleeders came with some thick goop already applied to the threads.  There is resistance when you put them in until they bottom, then you only open 1/4 turn when bleeding.

They worked fine for me. No leaks.

I installed these years ago, and they work great with no leaks.IMG_5986 However, using their # SB8125LL for the front caliper upper bleeders might provide more clearance/be above that nearby caliper bolt and allow a box wrench to be used instead of an open end wrench.


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