Hi Guys, I'm sure this is old hat for most of you now, but I want to remove the spring spacers, but don't want to have camber issues. Am I likely to need to replace my rear upper A-arms after I remove the spacers? I have stock 8" Campi's with 295's on the back. Would it be different if I went to a 17x11" wheel? Thanks!
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I don't think removing the spring spacers would cause any camber issues, if you don't already have this problem. An alignment would be a good idea, naturally.

To remove the spacers, one needs to compress the spring. You can make a tool using a collar top and bottom, with two threaded rods. I have
one of these. If you need a picture, I can take one.

Thanks Chuck.

I have a standard spring compressor, but haven't yet tried to fit it yet. If it doesn't work, I may ask for the pic. Being winter (real F'n cold and snowy) I'm trying to do lots of things before spring. While I'm waiting for a bunch of brake stuff, I'm removing undercoating from the engine bay. Not going as bad as I expected. I plan to try the bed-liner spray option to keep the stock look, but clean it up a bunch. Cheers!
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