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My clutch pedal is sticking part way up and then suddenly releasing on a dual disc clutch. This only happens with the engine running and not with the engine off. Thought was that the throwout bearing was going too far and then catching, but wouldn't that be true even with the engine off? I have the stock Pantera clutch cylinders i.e no hydraulic bearing.

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If your car has the factory clutch effort reduction setup (the early Panteras did not), the photo below shows where the wear happens.  It is a difficult area of the car to work on and it might be easier to to pull the pedal box than to try to do it in the car.  In either case the first thing I do when working on the pedal box is remove the driver seat for better access.



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It was working fine before my engine and clutch swap. Then about 200 miles later it was intermittent.

The clutch is a multi-disc weber about 12-15 years old with 200 miles on it.  New McLeod Pantera specific adjustable TO bearing was installed and problem persists.  Possibly TO bearing not shimmed correctly though.

If the problem is in the pedal box then why would it only show when the engine is running?  When the engine is off everything is smooth.

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Thanks for the tip, Larry. I have the exact same problem.

Dave good luck on knocking this one out!

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