Does anyone know what the stock spring rates were on 1972 Pre-L Panteras? Can anyone have a recommendation on replacement spring rates? I have 7/8" sway bars, 225/45-17 F and 335/35-17 R. Mainly a streetcar but want decent handling for the occasional track visit.

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Alan.....Were you intending on doing an upgrade to the original KONIs, or, a total replacment?

On the rates. I have written down here (probably because I asked the same question myself once before), that the fronts were 235# and rear was 355#.

There are a bunch of folks that recently did a total coilover upgrade with various rates. I personally did 350/550 and may go up to a 600 in the rear from the 550. (And only because I dont want to crank more than 1" on the adjuster and loose the travel). These rates I have now are very nice. I'm thinking some others went with something very close to this that may have gone with a lower rear.


Thanks for the info. I am going to Aldan shocks. I've heard a bunch of different spring rates flying around and wanted to compare them to the stock rates. I searched the forum for this info. Combined with your input this is what I've found:

Stock Pantera: 300 F, 325 R (measured)
Stock Pantera: 235 F, 355 R
Pantera GT5S: 400 F, 450 R (measured)

I am going to continue my investigation. I'll let you know what I find. There as seems to be some confusion with some people referring to wheel rates and others referring to spring rates.

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