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I was wondering if anyone here does any autocross, or trackdays. Going for a bit of a serious approach to that kind of driving would need the standard road tires to be swapped for tires like Yokohama A032R or other's like that. I want to run the original 15" wheels, so does anybody has recomendations to what brand is good for the Pantera, and allso that they have tires that fits to a sertan degree in the wheelhous so it still looks right?


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I have seen and heard the Porsche guys using the A6 Hoosiers, they have nothing but great things to say about them. If you plan on using these for autocrossing only as a second set of wheels, then I would use them. They do come in a decent lineup for use with the 15" wheels. The largest 15" they have I found was a 275-35-15, with plenty of choices for the front.
Hoosier A6
Hoosier Size Chart
I found these FAQs after posting ....but I was reading up on Hoosiers heat cycling they offer and this link has a jag of infomation at the bottom of the page.
Heat Cycling FAQs
Hoosiers are great tires for any track use. Two tiny little problems: if you're running 16 or 17" front wheels, Hoosiers may touch the wiper motor shield. PPC-Reno has altered shields in stock (core credit on your stocker) or with some amont of trouble, you should be able to pound in enough clearance yourself. They also get close to the front brake hoses- more so on the right side- slight repositioning fixes this.
Second thing; do not expect fabulous mileage from these soft skins. The last set of autocross Hoosiers I bought lasted slightly less than 1000 miles before cord was showing around both rears!
There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

1)Are you using these tires to drive back and forth to the track? If so the Hoosiers will not work. They are slicks with a super soft racing compound and they do pickup everything. Also they are not reccommended to the beginner track or autocross person. They are R compound or racing compound tires.

2)Be careful of sizing. A 225 in a R compound is not the same size as a 225 in a non racing compound. The shoulders are usually wider. Check the specs.

There is a new breed of tires from the manufacturers called extreme performance summer tires. Bridgestone RE-11, Dunlop Direzza, Hankook Ventus R-S2 etc...They are the closest tire you can get to a R compound without actually worrying about the wear and expense of a R compound tire.They work really well for a dual purpose tire street/track.Edit, just checked. Disregard the tires above. They don't make rear sizes big enough for the Pantera.Seems to take advantage of the new generation of tires you need to upgrade wheels. Ugh!

Me personally am using Falken 615's for a dual purpose tire for track events and auto x. I drive to/from the track with my Porsche 911.They work excellent in autocross. At the track(Drivers Ed event) they overheat after 20 minutes of a 30 minute session. Next set of tires will be the new Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Specs.

Hope this helps,

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