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If the G4 refers to 'Group 4' the wheel widths you quote are not GP4, they are for a narrow body. (Group 4's would be 13" and 10" width)

On 17x11 rears I have Michelin Pilot Sports 335/35-17 and on 17x9 fronts I have 245/40's.

A lot of people seem to like 315/35 for the rears both in handling and as there is far more brand choice, which equals fewer $$. Hell, you can get 4 Sumitomo HTR Z rated tires in 315/35 size for the price of 1 Michelin Pilot Sport in the 335/35 size!

I think 255/40 width is about as wide as you can go on the front without excessive scrubbing at full steering lock.

Look on somewhere like at the tire sizes you are thinking of and in the 'specs' section they will quote which rim widths they fit, e.g. 335/35 is for 11-13" rims, 315/35 for 10-12".

Good luck,
You need to ask which flares ?? GR4 or GTS .. its sound slike to me that 11" would be for a GTS /// my GTS has 10" wide with no GTS flares.

MY L that I put steel GR4 flares .. wilkinsons 18 x 12.5's ..I had to cut the flare down an inch because there was too much overhang ... gotta call him and ask the questions.

Beware the steel flares take some real work to make them fit. They need to be installed by a professional.

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