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Doing something similar to Mikael, except I quit my job, sold my house and most of my belongings. I kept my pantera though and hit the road for a year last October from the PNW. Driving my 2000 F250 7.3 with truck camper everywhere. Plan to hit all lower 48 and even explore a possible move while seeing our beautiful country. Presently in Arkansas but ordering tickets for Sebring probably tomorrow. Anyone going or have recommendations?

Some of our travels are here btw if you want to follow.

Presently in Arkansas. We mostly do national parks, historical sites, breweries, auto and space related sites, etc.

I met Emiliano trailoring a gts through Truth or Consequences, NM. Good to meet you Emiliano, and hope the rest of the trip went well if you visit the forum.
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It was one of those dreams I realized may never materialize if I didn't make some sacrifices. I was lucky in that some things came together at this time in my life. The trip enabled me to connect with family I have never met as well. Have met many folks along the way of all ages, even a pair of Australians as well. Some great folks all around in this country. I should have posted this earlier but finally got a breather. If anyone does want to connect, feel free to pm me.

Plan is to go up eastern seaboard through the spring and zigzag back across Northern states and Midwest this summer. So if you want to meet some new folks and have space for a truck to park out front for a night let me know, see if we can arrange something. We are completely self contained. Enjoy meeting pantera folks!
Husker and JFB, I wanted to thank you for offering up your homes to us. We ended up hugging the coast on the way up to see the Outer Banks as we briefly went through Asheville on the way out of the smokys about a month ago, so wanted to see another part of state on the trip back through. My wife changed the course into the smokys so it would have been very little notice before we landed. Cheers and hope everyone is ready for a great spring!

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