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Michael Millard posted:

... and removes the small window lip on the door when they are rolled down. Thank you for your time. 

Since it seems the window goes down further, the mechanism doesn’t hit the bottom of the door? I have seen some doors dented out slightly near the bottom but not sure why. I just fugured some window mechanism is hitting the bottom by the window going too low.

As nice an upgrade as this is, there are a number of late model vehicles using this style of window regulator that can be adapted to the Pantera by the competent mechanic with basic tools. I would suggest anyone interested in making their own takes a look at a late 90's Lincoln Town car front door system retailing for around $70 for the pair.

Biggest problem with adapting OEM type cable drive window lifts is, the drive cable is invariably about twice as long as is needed. When Ted began building these in the '90s, he bought a commercial hydraulic cable swadger so the ends would not come off his custom built drive cable. Those tools are NOT cheap but are an investment! The Vader unit includes its own custom curved window guide, non-corroding stainless screws and aircraft grade spade-lugs on all the electrical connections- plugs into an unaltered Pantera wiring loom. I bought one of his first units and wrote an illustrated installation article in the POCA Newsletter. Simple install and never a problem in many many years. Takes 6 lbs out of each door.

I've been trying to order a set since last July or August.  I have received a couple messages from Michael and he's returned to school and no longer making the Vader window regulators.  He said his uncle has taken over the business and will be getting in touch with me soon (that was in December).  I've pinged him once or twice since, but no reply since the holidays.

Yes I did. Thank you very much for the advice. I hope I can repay the favor one day. Thank you again. On Friday, February 7, 2020, 04:26:03 PM EST, The De Tomaso Forums <> wrote:

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OLD7 - did you happen to make contact with Rick?

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