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YES, I’m yelling. 

I have now heard from another owner who found the exact same problem I encountered with the throttle cable he purchased from the same vendor. 
 That vendor,  instead of duplicating all of the dimensions of the factory throttle cable,  decided to lengthen his reproduction throttle cable housing, but did not lengthen the inner cable.  As the mounting points for both ends of the ...housing... are fixed, a shorter ...cable... obviously will encounter difficulty, if not total impossibility, connecting to the gas pedal fitting.
The other owner solved the problem by moving the center tunnel mounting bracket. So, 30 years from now when the then current owner of that Pantera needs to replace his throttle cable, he will find, should he actually get one properly re-produced, that the proper cable will not fit because the previous owner made modifications in order to install an incorrectly reproduced part. 
This. Is. Wrong. 

Some years ago when I purchased a set of headers from a vendor I had to pay my local machine shop $100  to blanchard grind the three-eights inch thick header flanges so they were actually flat enough to seal. My polite letter to the vendor, sharing the shortcomings of his product, wherein I suggested he might want to check his stock and/or contact his fabricator, went unanswered. 
For too long I have heard we should be thankful that we have any vendors at all. And the De Tomaso community seems to have accepted a philosophy that if we can ...make... it work, then that is satisfactory. Really?
But I am now personally done with that philosophy. 
From now on, if it is wrong I will demand a full refund, to include all shipping expenses, and I will share my full experience with my fellow owners so they do not have to deal with the same issue from a vendor that doesn’t understand the definition of “bolt-in reproduction.”  A vendor who doesn’t care, or perhaps even believe you, when you point out the shortcomings of his product. 
I’ve decided that this issue really requires loyalty to my fellow owners, not loyalty to a vendor. 
And, IMHO, all of you should consider doing the same. 
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Thank you Larry, you are correct! I am currently trying to resolve an issue with brake lines purchased from a vendor that I've used before and there were no issues. Now with the pandemic going on it's hard to track them down. The problem is just a incorrect thread count on a fitting. A simple fix would be to send me the correct one. I can go and source them myself, but why should I do that when I paid for it to begin with. I'm sure this vendor sources the parts from someone. These are machined standard parts. It's not rocket science. Well maybe with our cars it is.


So rrs1,  Who doesn’t sign his post 😉😉🧐,  wants me to name the vendor I bought my throttle cable from. 

 That is certainly a fair request and I promise once I have purchased other cables from other vendors, some of which are likely sourced from my vendor, I will reveal all to my fellow owners. 

 When I place my orders on Monday I intend to ask if this is a direct, dimensionally-correct reproduction part that will require no modifications for installation. That will be the vendors’ opportunity to inform me of any design changes they felt compelled to make. 

 If I establish they are presenting this as a proper reproduction part, I will then inform them that I will expect a full refund, to include my return shipping expenses, if the cable received is not a correct, no issue to install, reproduction part  

Stay tuned. 


Last edited by lf-tp2511 least my 2 cents---I've benefitted way, way more from Wilkinson than he has from me.  Nobody has the catalog of parts that he provides, and that Any of the guys in the DeT world supply parts for their living just seems an act of charity...

I had my Mangusta accelerator cable built by Pegasus Racing, at least such a common piece will always be constructible from common materials. But when the platers lost my pushbutton surrounds for that car, what absolute fortune to get a repro pair from Wilkinson...much less, at a very reasonable price...Lee




 Thank you for joining the conversation, and I agree with everything you wrote. 

 After nearly 20 years in the community I too remain glad we have the vendors we have for a relatively uncommon car.  I am especially glad that Steve has managed to reproduce and/or locate an amazingly vast collection of parts for our cars.

 But in those 20 years I have personally experienced numerous vendor shortcomings, and have heard many more stories of vendor shortcomings from my fellow owners. 

 But there is, for whatever reason, an unspoken community trait/habit/requirement of blanket owner complacency with these vendor shortcomings.  

 With my recent throttle cable purchase, I have personally reached my limit of complacency.

I have no problems with modified cars, usually 😉, but I draw the line at requiring an owner to modify their car to allow the fitment of a “reproduction” part supplied by a marque-specific vendor who presents their offerings as “factory replacements “

 As you stated, this cable is an easily fabricated piece. Which makes it all the more confusing and ...unjustified... for a vendor to provide a cable that Does Not Work.


Wow. I feel bad being a paying Vendor after these comments...I've heard more than a few comments on this sight over the years...people in general, not here of course...just don't like Dealers & Lawyers. Anyway, my contribution:

We're in the DeTomaso business here, and a handful of others are also 'cross America. That being said,  why not call around. Had someone called us about needing a throttle cable, I would say why, I'd say build it yourself. 30 minute job. Cost? 15 bucks.  Why would you need the whole thing anyway. The whole thing don't go bad.


Don't take anything apart & don't take it out of the car. Simply remove both ends  pedal & carburetor. Grab the cable with vice grips in the engine bay. Pull it out. Go to Lokar Direct or ebay, buy three things: Cable,  kit, ends. We just did another one this week in a 5S. Smoooooth as glass now. No need to remove console, seats, back panel, or any interior for that matter. Simply pull the old one out, grease the new cable, feed it in. Cut it, clamp new ends , adjust. DONE. Just another day at the office at Pantera Miami.

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