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Hey Vince! since the number is not necessarily an accurate reflection of the info, you need to list the complete VIN. It is a rotation number but apparently cars were not always built/completed in numerical order.

My Vin is THPNNE06984 and according to thr VIN decoder breaks down as follows

T =DeTomaso
H= Modena Italy
PN= Pantera
N= 1973
E= December
06984 = 6984th unit built except the factory started with 1001 (I believe) so mine is somewhere around the 5,983rd unit built.

Even though my car was built in 1973 it has always been titled as a 1974. (Ford usually introduces a new model year around September, I saw an add for a 2006 something or other when I was reading the paper this morning.

Anyway Vince, either list your whole VIN and I will help you decode it or follow the above link to Chuck's decoder.

Gary #06984
My VIN number THPNNJO5159
it's a 76 model GTS 500.


Car is not listed with any info in the Registry. Decoding the VIN says it was built in January of 1973. I suspect car was modified to the wide-body look by a previous owner, and not a factory built wide body. By the way, there are Pantera GTS models, and GT5 and GT5S models. But no GTS 500's.

But we don't care when it was built, or who did what, or what you want to call it. We just know they are great to own, and better to drive ;-)

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