HI Ron, Dave Ferrato here. I think we corresponded about an intake a while back. If I might ask, Have you fitted the manifold pictured to a 9.2 Windsor block with Cleveland heads? If so, I am wondering how the manifold sealed properly. I have been told that no intake exists that can properly fit my combination of 2V Aluminu, Edlebrock heads and Dart 9.2 Aluminum block. Appreciate any info you might share. Thanks Dave
Yes your correct no manifold was ever made for that combo ...BUT this was specialy made for ME by Kelly Coffield .. this intake fits my 9.2 deck SVO block and SVO C302B Heads. The issue for you will be the C302B heads have a high port BUT could be closed because they measure if memory serves me corrrecty about 1.5 x 2.1 ..I dont have a 2V gasket to match it up with and take a pic ? if your really interested I could buy a set and do so ?

If I might add my two cents here, the mismatch on the Ford Motorsport heads vs. the 2v intakes is difficult to deal with. I have the pictures of the gasket overlays if you want to see them so no one has to go buy anything.

To overly simplify the 2v ports go the wrong way in comparison to the c3's. It's about a 3/4 inch mismatch on the bottom of the ports which frankly I just don't see how you can fix it.

These gaskets are centered by the bolt hole if you notice.

The problem is really with the Motorsport head. If you look at the bottom of the intake port, there is no matterial to remove to match up with the 2v intakes.

The white gasket is for my A3 head so they are fatter then Ron's C3 BUT the floor is in the same place.

The gray gasket is the 351c 2v gasket.

The way the gaskets are shown here is how the two components you are disgussing would line up. Not a pretty site. Wink
The 2v port opening is about the size of the C302 ports. The valve pocket on the 2v is pretty small though. I find it difficult to believe that they "support" 450hp. That is in the aluminum raised port head territory.

The A3 is the same width as the 4v but about 5/8" shorter and the volume is smaller.

The 351w port is also similar to the C302 and the 2v although the flow numbers are signifigantly different.

Many of the C302's I've seen finished start to resemble the A3's.

There are actually three gaskets there. One is a a 69 351w 4v which is the rectangular one and the 351 2v is the rounder grey one.

Interesting isn't it?
Got it .. cant say I have experimented much with SBF's ... the ehads I bought from my engine builder .. the C302B's had a lot of work done to them before I bought them ...they Dyno'd at 1100hp on alcohol then removed and put on the shelf. They seem to have a lot of work done and they are brand new ..

Doug I need someone local with a dyno ... it my builder so long to do my motor he sold his dyno .. says its not profitable ...DAMN !

I have been told that no intake exists that can properly fit my combination of 2V Aluminu, Edlebrock heads and Dart 9.2 Aluminum block.

Someone humor me and explain why with a 9.2 deck and 2V heads a 2V manifold doesn't fit here? There's a lot of guys running Aussie 2V's or are you talking a specific IR manifold, with/without water neck?

If it's an IR manifold I gues the options would be a) get Kelly to machine one of his casts with 2V ports for you application. b) I thought previously redline made a 351C 2V IR manifold that was 48IDA pattern or could be 48IDF pattern with adapters?

There was a guy in Australia that was supposedly gonna cast up the 351C 2V Cain IR manifold with enough meat to machine out to 4V if desired. It was a while ago, but I'm not sure it's totally dead, just an Aussie with other priorities.
Thanks again Joules and Ron. The amount of help the club provides is really amazing. I did go out and trace the ports earlier this evening, but the file after I scanned it was too large to upload. My combination of 9.2 Windsor block and the 2V Edelbrock heads is a result of running my mouth when I should not have and trying to accommodate some parts I already had. I believe that the issue comes in how the intake seals against the block. I really have no hands on experience with these parts. Anyway I was off of the IR EFI bus anyway due to cost. Price is working on a solution for me so I think I will see what they come up with. George Pence was in touch with the guy in Aus who was going to cast those intakes, but again, I believe that intake would be for a Cleveland block. Here is a link to pic of the Redline 2V which I believe is still available also. Ron thanks again for your patience. I will keep you guys posted on progress. Dave Ferrato
Anyone know where to get the crossram FI that is on the Asa Jay Pantera web page?

Doug, I assume as Active Manifolds in Aus are listed under the photo's it is one of their manifolds?

Sure looks a nice piece.
There was a Purple anodized cross ram for a 351 C at SEMA last year from an Aussie company. Somewhere I have their brochure. No distributor can be used however. There will be a new cross ram shown at SEMA week after next from an American company you all know. The first version will also not accommodate a distributor, but future versions will. I will take and post pics from out there.
Can I just say that the title for this particular post is inappropriate!!
Here I was thinking someone wanted something, and maybe I could help with some of my spare parts, and the next thing you know I'm getting all lusty too!
Maybe I should go look at Mark M's avatar again and get the image of that intake manifold out of my mind. Lesser of two evils.
I know the following about the setup 1) you will need a cpu to run them, probably a Haltech E6x and a harness. That's $1200 right there 2)I have emailed them twice and they have not answered, they act like they don't want to sell them to me 3)I heard that the set up as shown was quoted as $6500

In comparison the Redline setup for the 351w built on a Weber IDA manifold is $3500 without the computer.

So far, all this is, is a screne saver for me, but it is nice to dream. Big Grin
I don't know if anyone has done a side by side dyno of these two.

Theoretically the EFI has signifigant performance advantages over a single 4v Holley. Theoretically.

Out of the box with the generic program it will probably run better, and cleaner then the Holley.

Then the fun starts. With EFI you CAN tune the car for every 100rpm increment for three different (or more) parameters. Normal idle and normal driving, performance driving, wot driving. Then factor in various atmosphere conditions. Temperature, altitude, humidity.

So far of what I have just mentioned, that is 3 x 3 x 70 (for a 7,000 rpm engine). It is possible to finish that program within the normal lifespan of you and your children. BUT you may make 20hp more across the board, eventually! But the setup sure does look cool, AND it will help the Australian governments balance of payments on international trade! Big Grin
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