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There's many owners running Webbers. Don't know why they don't speak up. How do you like them on your FE motor?

They're a tuning headache, but once tuned they sound cool , give wonderful throttle response, tame the low end of long duration cams & put a dent in your gas mileage, right?

One of the secrets of keeping Webbers tuned (syncronized) is assembling a very sturdy throttle linkage system.

My biggest complaint is that Ford Webber systems are built around the 48IDA carb, instead of the 48IDF. The IDA is a racing carb and lacks an intermediate metering circuit. The IDF on the other hand, is a street carb and does have an intermediate metering circuit. The IDF flows about 50 CFM less air than the IDA. The IDF has off the shelf air filter assemblies available for it, and being shorter in height, the IDF would fit under the Pantera engine screen, with air filters, if a manifold were available for this application. A manifold was available in Australia, but is no longer in production. I'd be tempted to run the 48IDFs if I could find that manifold.

I know how to get the Webber users to speak up about their carbs, just write something like "Webbers suck". LOL

You ought to see how the white Pantera owners gang up on me when I say that the white Panteras look like refrigertors! LOL

your friend on the PIBB, George
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Originally posted by webbers:
No. Right now they are on my 427 fe. Just thinkng of maybe putting them on 351.

If you ever decide to put your 427 FE in your Pantera please write an article on how you do it, how well it fits and works. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have one in my car.
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