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Originally posted by Scott Bell:
But why would I want to do that? I thought not having the bypass was an advantage...

Scott just about every modification of the Cleveland cooling systems results in either too much recirculation when the motor is warm, or no recirculation when the motor is cold. both of those are situations to be avoided. Blocking the recirc passage makes sense for somebody who plans to run without a thermostat all together, with a remote thermostat or has plans to recirc water when the motor is cold some other way.

quote: Dennia Quella and have him ship you - or make your own - a round plate that you can rivet onto the pump vanes to increase the flow function of the unit.

He does this on the Weiands he installs - I have one on 2511.

PI sells this same pump from Weiand without the FlowKooler modification (

I installed the Weiand water pump last Summer and have had no problems or compaints. And, mine is unmodified. I considered adding the FlowKooler plate, but didn't because I didn't think about it until it was too close to Concorso to order one. Anyway, it works great - no cooling problems!

Thanks for the pics and instructions though. I will definitely save this for future reference.

Hi George,

Well, up until Wednesday of this week, I had a 351W style thermostat in my engine so coolant continued to circulate when things were cold. Anyway, I didn't discover I had this thermostat until it failed and I changed it out on Wednesday night. I installed the correct 351C style thermostat before I made the connection with the Weiand water pump, so now I'm not sure. Presumably some water gets past the thermostat, albiet not much. The engine warms up quickly, the thermostat opens, cools things down and closes again, things warm back up, then it opens again... It does this 3-4 times before the coolant temperature seems to equalize.

You can read about it here:

With the recirc passage cast into the cleveland engine block disabled, such as it is with installation of the weiand water pump, there is only 3 ways to have coolant recircualting during warm up.

1) run without a thermostat, period
2) drill holes in the thermostat disk (the only circulation is what can flow through the holes)
3)open the cars heater valve while it is warming up

if you haven't done one of those 3 things, you still have no coolant circulation when the engine is cold

the thermostat you indicate on your web site to be a Cleveland thermostat, does not "look" like the thermostats that came in the cars when they were new. The Robertshaw is an exact replica however.

cowboy from hell

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